From countless campuses across the globe with traditional brick-and-mortar college classroom settings to 24/7-accessible online programs across the World Wide Web, there are many options for individuals who want to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree. Deciding which university is the best for you ~ to help you not only achieve your academic goals, but also enjoy the process while doing so ~ can seem like an overwhelming and arduous feat. It doesn’t have to be.

One of the best ways to help you make any big decision regarding something that will have a major impact on your life is to take the advice from people who have “been there and done that”! While each student enrolling in a degree program brings his/her own perspectives and experiences to the academic journey, it’s helpful to learn the reasons why students choose one university over another.

Here’s a look at why some students chose Averett University’s Graduate & Professional Studies (GPS) Program:

“I chose Averett GPS because the online and night courses were convenient for me and my family. I also think that Averett was the best school for my degree.”
– Ashley Denton, Bachelor of Business Administration Student, Class of 2017

“I chose Averett GPS Program because I wanted to learn and network with other adult learners like myself. I also like the face-to-face interaction with the teachers as well as the option to complete classes online when necessary.”
Serina Gaines, Master of Business Administration Student, Class of 2017

” I have a full-time job, I’m a father, I’m a husband, I’m a community activist and I’m a high school football coach. I needed a program that would work with my hectic schedule and Averett’s GPS Program fit like a glove. The 5 week classes go by so fast, but you gain a great deal of knowledge during those 5 weeks. In 5 weeks, your brain is infused with the material you learn in that short period of time. It’s a lot easier than I thought it would be, I wish I would have done this 10 years ago.”
– Robert Scott, Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Criminal Justice Student, Class of 2018

“I decided to pursue Averett’s GPS Program because the program aligns well with my lifestyle. I work full-time in healthcare, then help my husband at our business in the evenings. With Averett’s GPS Program, I am able to work on assignments at a time that is convenient for me as opposed to attending a physical class. The courses are accelerated, and I am able to learn in the comfort of my own home. Sure, other colleges offer online classes, but most aren’t accelerated courses like Averett’s GPS Program.”
– Amanda Santore, Bachelor of Business Administration Student, Class of 2017

“I chose Averett’s GPS Program because of the accessibility and the amount of time that the Faculty, Administrators, and Staff put into each and every student. They make you feel that you are their only student.”
– Michael Andrews, Bachelor of Business Administration Student, Class of 2018

“I chose Averett because of my previous experience with the university’s staff, curriculum, and technology.”

– Susan Friesz, Master of Business Administration Student, Class of 2019

“Initially, the positive comments made by others who attended or worked for AU motivated me to call. I appreciated getting all my questions and concerns answered clearly by the 
admissions counselor. I chose Averett’s GPS program because of the class format, which allows students to take one class at a time and complete the program in about 2 years. I love that this format allows working adults like myself to create a balance of employment, family life, and continuing education.”
– Jessika Holder, Master of Business Administration Student, Class of 2019

“I chose Averett’s GPS Program because of the professionalism and helpfulness of the admissions office, as well as the high standards they set for their students. I know that once I graduate, I will be well prepared for my career.”
– Jessica Cooke, M.Ed. in Special Education Student, Class of 2017

Choosing the best university for you is easier when you know others at the school who have accomplished what you want to accomplish.

While your decision will ultimately come down to your own particular circumstances and to the experiences with the different departments and professionals you communicate with at a particular university, choosing the best university for you is easier when you know others have accomplished at a particular school what you want to accomplish.

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