What is your motivation for obtaining your degree?

My motivation for obtaining my master’s degree was due to a couple of reasons. I wanted a sense of accomplishment for being the first of my mother’s side of the family to get a Bachelor’s degree, and Master’s degree, and hopefully be an example to my other family members that it is possible to complete school at any age. I also wanted to continue to make my parents and son proud of me. Lastly, my motivation for obtaining my degree is to become more marketable in my career field, if for any reason my career with in the government didn’t work out.

Why did you choose Averett’s Graduate & Professional Studies Program?            

I chose Averett’s GPS Program because it was the best fit for me at the time. Bringing another round of schooling into my hectic life of balancing family and a career, I needed to obtain my degree in a fast, but convenient way because I was not the typical college student. My admissions counselor, Andrea Levengood, was super sweet by giving me great insight on Averett University. Her outgoing personality and detail overview of the school and the programs offered was a big part of why I chose Averett University.

Please share one tip for your fellow classmates and future AU students:

The tip that I would share with my fellow classmates and future AU students is “NEVER GIVE UP!” My journey this far has been a very long one, and it hasn’t always been easy. There were many times I wanted to give up when life knocked me down, and believe me it has done so a few times during my journey of obtaining my degrees. I found that keeping a great support system, and following my motto of, “failure is not an option” kept me going. So, when life knocks you down, pick yourself up, get back focus on your goals, and keep going.

What helps to keep you motivated while you are in the program?

The things that help keep me motivated while in the program are my son, support system, and starting a legacy of being the first on my mother’s side of the family to obtain a Master’s degree.

What is your anticipated Date of Graduation?

Averett University, Class of 2017


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