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Moving forward in life – whether professionally or personally – requires a plan of action (and a leap of faith). Remaining stagnate, dreaming without doing, or talking without implementing won’t help you lasso the moon or catch that star you’ve been wishing on for years. Once you decide to put your goal of pursuing your MBA online into action, that advanced degree will help you to further advance in your both your professional life and personal life. In this post, we’ll cover three ways an MBA can help you advance PROFESSIONALLY. In the next post, we’ll cover three ways an MBA can help you advance personally.

1. You’ll be looked at differently.

Whether you choose Marketing, Leadership, or Human Resource Management as your concentration for your Master of Business Administration, your advanced degree will instantly position you in the minds of your colleagues, staff, and employer as a professional with expertise in that chosen area. And rightly so. All those late-night and early-morning hours devoted to perusing case studies, doing extensive research, and analyzing current business trends throughout your academic program will supplement your real-world experience, knowledge, and expertise.

When you pursue your MBA online, you’ll confidently be able to:

  • conceptualize, identify, and/or implement creative, relevant, and effective 21st century marketing strategies to enhance your company’s brand,
  • create and sustain a collaborative, engaging work environment where the individual members of your team feel acknowledged, appreciated, and an integral contributor to the corporation’s success,
  • identify legal and ethical issues at work that need to be addressed, changed, or resolved, and
  • collect and analyze data to improve processes, identify trends, and increase productivity.

The underpinnings of your online MBA program will be put to use immediately. You’ll be admired as a lead-by-example professional, inspiring others to actualize their dreams and goals, too.

2. You’ll look at things differently.

As with everything in life, the more you learn and deepen your understanding of something, the wider and clearer (and more compassionate) your perspective becomes. The comprehensive coursework throughout your MBA program will enable you to look at your colleagues, your staff, and your clients in wonderful brand new light. Instead of being frustrated by a co-worker who never seems to contribute to those early-morning meetings, you’ll now understand, acknowledge, and appreciate his ability (and personality quirk) to work really well and productively alone.

Your newly-acquired knowledge of effective leadership strategies will enable you to develop into a transformative leader where you’ll identify areas previously overlooked or ignored that are in need of change, conceptualize viable solutions, and collaborate with others to implement the improvements needed. All that data that you once found frustrating or intimidating to deal with, you’ll now be excited to embrace and analyze.

What will be crystal clear to you with your advanced degree will be the interconnectedness of everything. The rigorous work your MBA online program demands will enable you to appreciate and understand how every individual, every department, every project, and every customer all contribute to the contributive oneness (and the success) of your organization. It will be impossible for you to departmentalize people, challenges, or projects; instead, you’ll see everything as part of the “whole”.  And that’s a good thing.

3. You’ll be a leading contender when vying for promotions.

When opportunities arise at your workplace to transfer to a different department or be promoted within your current division, you’ll be a viable candidate having achieved your MBA online. When a corporation needs to decide between two candidates for a position and both have the same number of years of experience with the company and the desired skill set for the new position, but one has an MBA, the one with the advanced degree will be the one sought after. What you can bring to a company, division, or department with your accredited online MBA surpasses what someone with just a Bachelor’s (or no) degree can.

Averett’s MBA Online and On Campus Programs

When you choose one of Averett’s accredited online MBA programs, you won’t need to quit your job, stop talking to your friends, or give up your social life (completely!) while pursuing your degree. While Averett University’s MBA program is a rigorous, competitive, and highly-regarded graduate program, it is purposefully designed to be student-friendly – and is offered 100% online or at campus locations throughout Virginia.

Whether you choose to pursue an MBA online in Marketing, Leadership, or Human Resource Management, you can do it via the comfort of your home – in your PJs with your dog at your side and your cup of caffeine always in reach.

In addition, you can enroll in just one class at a time so that you can stay focused and not get overwhelmed — and still earn your MBA online in less than 24 months! With discipline, commitment, passion, and a sense of humor (you’ll need that), you’ll soar through your MBA program and easily lasso that moon.

From 8 Reasons to Go Back to College as an Adult to How to Choose an Online Degree Program to Tips to Balance Work, Family, and Going Back to School, Averett University Graduate & Professional Studies is here to help you succeed in both your professional life and your academic life (which, when combined, will help to make your personal life everything you had hoped and dreamed). You may also like Tips to Become a Better Public Speaker or Tips to Consider If You are Dealing With a Bad Boss.

Until next time, explore our online degree programs ~ all specifically designed for the busy lifestyles of adults.

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