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Moving forward in life – whether professionally or personally – requires a plan of action (and a leap of faith). Remaining stagnate, dreaming without doing, or talking without implementing won’t help you lasso the moon or catch that star you’ve been wishing on for years. Once you decide to put your goal of pursuing your MBA online into action, that advanced degree will help you to further advance in your both your professional life and personal life. In the previous post, we covered 3 Ways an MBA Can Help You Advance Professionally. In this post, we’ll cover three ways an accredited online MBA can help you advance PERSONALLY.

1. You’ll love more, laugh, and believe in yourself more.

It’s no secret that a person can be talented, well-read, skilled, and an expert at something without ever having taken one college course, let alone a graduate-level class. What one focuses on, combined with the gifts he/she is born with, tend to develop into something the person knows pretty well. When you add a formal advanced degree to all that self-study and personal passion about something, however, it just naturally gives you a lifelong boost of confidence, self-worth, and humbleness. With an MBA in your back pocket, you’ll love yourself more, laugh more, and believe in yourself more.

You won’t even have to tell anyone (outside of your close circle of friends and families) that you have earned an MBA online; clients, colleagues, staff members, and strangers will just automatically have a feeling about you that you are a formally-educated person. They’ll sense that simply by observing how you act, react, handle situations, and treat others. With an accredited online MBA, your confidence will be catapulted to a wonderful new level because you’ll never forget what you went through to accomplish this prestigious academic goal.

2. You’ll be an inspiration to your family and friends.

While your family and friends undoubtedly love you unconditionally (with or without an advanced degree), earning an MBA online will have them loving and respecting you for other reasons; you’ll be their muse — their inspiration to do more and to be more. You might find yourself saying to them, “If I could accomplish it, you can accomplish it!” Sometimes it’s hard to believe while on a long journey that the destination will ever actually be reached; however, when a family member or close friend ventures on that path (that seems to go on forever) and reaches the designated goal, he/she has cleared the brush and lit the way for others. Earning an MBA online will enable you to do that for your loved ones. There is no better or more profound way to inspire others than by serving as a lead-by-example individual.

3. You’ll be free to soar like an eagle.

What person doesn’t want to be independent and 100% self-sustaining and self-supporting? Who doesn’t want to be the friend or family member who offers great advice, inspires others, and recommends solutions? Earning your degree from an accredited online MBA program gives you those wings to soar. With an advanced degree under your belt, you can secure a better job at a better salary; you can go for those promotions at work with confidence; you can be the friend who loans instead of borrows; you can make things better than how you find them. While the actual process of obtaining an MBA online may seem like you’re chained to your books, your papers, and your assignments, you’re not. You’re simply choosing to dedicate your time and attention to a goal that will set you free to soar in no time at all.

Averett’s Accredited Online MBA Programs

When you choose one of Averett’s accredited online MBA programs, you won’t need to quit your job, stop talking to your friends, or give up your social life (completely!) while pursuing your degree. While Averett University’s MBA program is a rigorous, competitive, and highly-regarded graduate program, it is purposefully designed to be student-friendly – and is offered 100% online or at campus locations throughout Virginia.

Whether you choose to pursue an MBA online in Marketing, Leadership, or Human Resource Management, you can do it via the comfort of your home – in your PJs with your dog at your side and your cup of caffeine always in reach.

In addition, you can enroll in just one class at a time so that you can stay focused and not get overwhelmed — and still earn your MBA online in less than 24 months! With discipline, commitment, passion, and a sense of humor (you’ll need that), you’ll soar through your MBA program and easily lasso that moon.

From 8 Reasons to Go Back to College as an Adult to How to Choose an Online Degree Program to Tips to Balance Work, Family, and Going Back to School, Averett University Graduate & Professional Studies is here to help you succeed in both your professional life and your academic life (which, when combined, will help to make your personal life everything you had hoped and dreamed). You may also like Tips to Become a Better Public Speaker or Tips to Consider If You are Dealing With a Bad Boss.

Until next time, explore our online degree programs ~ all specifically designed for the busy lifestyles of adults.

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