karlee wynn, online mba student

What is your motivation for obtaining your degree?

Obtaining higher education, specifically a Master’s degree, has always been an important goal in my life. After my undergraduate studies I wanted to continue my education in a field that was relevant to my career choice to continue to develop myself both personally and professionally.

Why did you choose Averett’s Graduate & Professional Studies Program?

I chose Averett due to the flexibility that I needed with my schedule. My work schedule makes it difficult to attend classes on campus and the GPS program offers a great online alternative. I was also very excited to learn about the leadership concentration that is offered with the GPS MBA program that many other programs do not offer. From the minute I first submitted my information to obtain additional details about the program every Averett staff member that I have dealt with has been extremely helpful, thorough, and welcoming, which made my choice even easier.

Please share one tip for your fellow classmates and future AU students:

Stay focused and in communication with your classmates. When taking classes online it can be difficult to hold yourself accountable and stay focused on your work, so you have to learn what works for you in order to be successful. In addition, remain in contact with members of your cohort that are going through these classes with you. Exchange contact information with someone at the beginning of each course. You all can then discuss any questions and/or concerns you have about the course with one another and also provide assistance when needed/allowed.

What helps to keep you motivated while you are in the program?

Seeing how I can directly apply what I am learning in class to my work every day is a great motivating factor. It is one thing to learn the material, but to be able to apply it in real life provides an extra driving factor. Also, as previously mentioned, obtaining higher education has always been an important goal in my life so knowing that I am so close to achieving that goal motivates me to push through the program while doing my best.

What is your anticipated Date of Graduation?

Averett University, Class of 2018

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