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No one (with a college degree of his or her own) will ever disagree with you that earning a Bachelor’s is an awesome, life-enhancing, and wonderful accomplishment. With an undergraduate degree (no matter what the area of concentration), there are certain things you can accomplish that you are not able to accomplish without one; you can:

  • apply for all those employment positions that request at least a 4-year degree,
  • serve as a role model to your family and friends who perhaps have not gone on to pursue or complete their own formal academic studies after high school, and
  • go on to earn your MBA online.

An MBA catapults your undergraduate studies to a brand new level. While you may have had an undergrad course in Marketing or discussed Leadership or Human Resources during one of your undergrad business classes, those service-level glances at those topics are nothing compared to the focused, rigorous, and detailed examination of these topics at the Master’s level.

While some adult students choose to pursue their MBA as soon as they have completed their BS, BA, or BBA, most people decide to go back to school and earn their graduate-level degree after they’ve gained years of real-world experience in their professional and/or personal lives. Whether you are just completing your undergrad program this season, or you have been out of college for a while now and are thinking of going back, here are two main reasons to pursue your MBA (and to pursue it at Averett, in particular):

1. You’ll only take one class at a time.

While some MBA programs online allow you to take several graduate-level courses at a time, this is not the most stress-free and effective way to earn your MBA online. Remember, you have not made the decision to pursue an MBA online simply for the sake of having those credentials; you want to learn something valuable through that process that you can implement at work. Rushing through a demanding MBA program online simply to get through it fast is not going to help you; in fact, taking two or even three graduate-level classes at a time, working full-time, and trying to have some semblance of a personal life is going to make you stressed out and unfocused in every facet of your life. By taking just one course at a time, however, you can thoughtfully:

  • complete the weekly readings,
  • do additional research,
  • write engaging discussion posts,
  • take the time to read and respond to your peers’ posts, and
  • submit well-written assignments every week.

With Averett’s one-course-at-a-time format, you can actually learn and retain executive-level information, knowledge, and skills that you can immediately use in your role at work.

2. Your employer will (probably) pay for some of it.

The fact that you already have your undergrad college degree shows that your employer understands the value in and importance of a formal college education. Many corporations have a program in place where they agree to pay for some of their employees’ education ~ including the pursuit of an advanced degree through universities that offer accredited MBA programs online.

While they may not broadcast this benefit to all the staff on a daily basis, it’s probably written in the fine print of your employee manual. Averett’s Admissions Counselors and your employer’s HR Department can help you through this process. Contact your HR Department and ask. The worst they can do is say they don’t offer any academic funding or they do, but you have to agree to stay with the company forever (while a few years of guaranteed employment with them might be doable, you don’t want to commit to retiring with them!). If you feel that your current employer doesn’t really value your educational pursuits, you may want to consider exploring and applying to companies that reward and pay for their employees’ education.

Whatever your reasons for pursuing your MBA online:

  • to get a promotion,
  • to have a salary increase,
  • to be a role model to your colleagues and family,
  • to build your confidence further,
  • to master today’s Marketing, Leadership, or HR practices, or
  • simply because you are a student of life,

don’t put it off any longer. There will never be a better time than right now to start to pursue your academic dreams and earn your MBA online.

On Campus or Online MBA Degree Programs

While Averett University’s MBA program is a rigorous, competitive, and highly-regarded graduate program, it is purposefully designed to be student-friendly. Whether you choose to pursue an MBA online in Marketing, Leadership, or Human Resource Management, you can do it via the comfort of your home – in your PJs with your dog at your side and your cup of caffeine always in reach.

In addition, you can enroll in just one class at a time so that you can stay focused and not get overwhelmed — and still earn your MBA online in less than 24 months! With discipline, commitment, passion, and a sense of humor (you’ll need that), you’ll soar through your MBA program.

From 8 Reasons to Go Back to College as an Adult to How to Choose an Online Degree Program to Tips to Balance Work, Family, and Going Back to School, Averett University Graduate & Professional Studies is here to help you succeed in both your professional life and your academic life (which, when combined, will help to make your personal life everything you had hoped and dreamed). You may also like 3 Ways an Accredited Online MBA Can Help You Advance Personally and 3 Ways an MBA Online Can Help You Advance Professionally

Until next time, explore our online degree programs ~ all specifically designed for the busy lifestyles of adults.

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