Averett University’s criminal justice and sociology degree programs are entirely online and designed for working adults!

Continuing education in the discipline of criminal justice and sociology has a significant influence on the delivery of public safety services and empowers students to lead by instilling the passion to serve and lead as catalysts for positive change within our communities.

In order to make our criminal justice and sociology programs stand out from other schools, Averett has created multiple partnership opportunities for students interested in these programs. We offer partner scholarships, as well as a free transfer credit evaluation. Your academy credits and military background could also count toward degree completion credits, which could mean less coursework needed to graduate.  Our goal is to enable students to earn their degree in as short amount of time as possible, with as little financial debt as possible.

  • Community College Partnerships: Averett has partnered with many community colleges in the Commonwealth and North Carolina to create a transfer process that is orderly and smooth for graduates of administration of justice programs who wish to transfer to Averett University and earn a bachelor of science in sociology and criminal justice.
  • First Responder Partner Scholarship Program and Advisory Board Partners: The Averett University First Responder Partnership Program allows partner organizations to refer employees for undergraduate and graduate degrees at a significantly lower tuition rate.
    • Averett grants a $250 scholarship per course for undergraduate students and a $350 scholarship for graduate students.
    • Averett waives all standard deposit and/or registration fees for our partners.
    • Provide custom direct-payment option.

Averett University offers three criminal justice and sociology degrees that are entirely online and affordable!

  1. Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and Leadership – this degree provides progressive professional graduate educational opportunities for those who aspire to work in public safety and those who already work in the field of public safety and are seeking advancement to administrative and leadership roles and responsibilities in their field.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Criminal Justice – this program prepares you to serve the community in a wide variety of local, state and federal government jobs. Many of our graduates go on to pursue careers in public safety, law enforcement, juvenile justice, probation and parole, corrections, victim advocacy, court services, social services, and more.
  3. Bachelor of Science in Sociology – this degree provides you with a strong foundation in the basic principles, techniques of analysis, and theories for understanding and working with the important aspects of social life in the contemporary world. This program prepares you for a career in government employment, secondary teaching, social services, and research with agencies in human services, public safety, industry, business and pre-law.

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