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Sociology Degree – IDEAL


Gain an Understanding of Society

Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Bachelor of Science in Sociology Degree

Start or enhance your career in human services with the Bachelor of Science in Sociology (SOC) degree.  This online, accelerated, interdisciplinary program provides you with a strong foundation in the basic principles, techniques of analysis, and theories for understanding and working with the important aspects of social life in the contemporary world. This program gives you an appreciation of your own social world, a broader understanding of our different ways of life, and a more complete perspective of the world and your place in it. This program prepares you for a career in government employment, secondary teaching, social services, and research with agencies in human services, industry, business and pre-law. It also enables you to work as data analysts, office managers, sales directors, labor managers, city planning directors, public safety officers, parks and recreation directors, community organizers, social workers, management consultants, advertising executives, and insurance agents.

Goals and Course Topics

As a SOC graduate, you will understand the complex nature of social lives, social problems, social change, social structure, social stratification, diverse communities, social behavior and social challenges.   You will apply real-world research methods and theoretical analysis to evaluate social policy, social structure and programs and find practical solutions to complex social problems. You will develop skills in creativity, innovation, critical thinking, community problem solving, and community building.  Courses in this program focus on the study of the structure and changes of social life and relationships, and on contemporary issues in areas such as the family, crime, religion, race and ethnic relations, urban communities, aging, gender roles, and law.

Learning experiences and assignments in this Sociology degree program emphasize the application of theories and problem solving solutions in human services settings.  Course topics include:

·       Social Problems

·       Social Theory

·       Society and the Individual

·       Drugs and Substance Abuse

·       Gender and Society

·       Race and Ethnic Relations

·       Crisis Intervention



  • Applied Data Analytics 
  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Cyber Security 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Homeland Security
  • Hospitality Management & Tourism  
  • Psychology 
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Sociology


  • Guidance Counselor
  • Human Resources (HR) Representative
  • Social Worker
  • Market researcher
  • Social researcher

Sociology Degree Format

The SOC undergraduate program is offered entirely online for maximum flexibility and accessibility for adult learners. Course materials are as rigorous as an on-campus and taught by professors with significant experience in sociology and criminal justice fields. Most students take one eight-week course at a time, two per term with three terms per year – allowing for degree completion in less than two years. Small classes allow substantial online interaction to connect course materials to real-life work experiences and examples. 

Averett University’s commitment to community engagement provides for many opportunities for students to maximize their academic and professional pursuits. 

Who This Online Sociology Degree Program Is For

SOC applicants should be passionate about human and social services. The program is for high school graduates with some college and work experience and a cumulative high school and college GPA of at least 2.0, preferably in fields related to sociology and the human services.  This is an online degree program so you must have access to an Internet-connected computer.

Averett University has Articulation Agreements with many community colleges facilitating up to 90 college credits that may transfer to the SOC degree program. We have Articulation Agreements with many regional criminal justice academies facilitating up to 36 credits that may transfer into the SOC degree program. Your military background and/or academy credits may yield up to 36 credits – which is equivalent to more than a year of completion! 

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