You might be inclined to think you can’t handle more than one major life event at the same time. While getting a college degree certainly qualifies as a major event, there’s no reason to think you have to put it on the back burner if something else comes up. Read on to see why.

“I’m traveling out of the country and/or going on vacation.”

Oh, how exciting! We love hearing about vacations and professional trips! It’s natural to think you should wait until you get back to start your degree program. Before you put your education on hold, however, you should know that many Averett University students have faced the same decision and were happy they went forward with their studies. They quickly realized that after working with adult learners for more than 30 years, we know how life rolls. Our professors understand you have other obligations and plans, and they’re happy to work with you to ensure you keep up with school and complete your degree on time.

At Averett, we pride ourselves on being flexible. We offer multiple options so you can tailor your educational experience to your life and get help from a dedicated student success coach when you need it.

“I’m planning my wedding.”

Congratulations! We know this is a special time in your life and you want everything to be perfect. We also know it’s possible to have a dream wedding and pursue the dream of a college degree at the same time. Many of our students planned weddings before and during their time at Averett—and some even met their future spouses here! They’ll tell you that despite their reservations, they were able to pull it off, thanks to a flexible schedule, professors who understand we all have lives outside the classroom, and affordable degree programs that took a little stress off the wedding budget.

We want your wedding day—and your graduation day—to be perfect. We can help you achieve both with options that allow you to accelerate or decelerate your degree as needed. If you’re changing your name, don’t forget to fill out a name change form with our Registrar’s Office after the big day. We want that diploma to be correct!

Yes, you can

How great would it feel to pull off a big event like a wedding or an overseas trip without missing a beat at school? It’s possible, with Averett University’s flexible degree programs and a staff ready to help you every step of the way.

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