Hello! My Name Is…

My name is Debra Arrington. I am so fortunate to be employed at my local Electric Coop for almost 17 years.  I am a Member Service Representative and I love my job. I enjoy camping and spending time with my family and friends and doing different things to my house and yard.

What is your motivation for obtaining your degree here at Averett University?    

My motivation is to hopefully advance in my job so I can provide more for my family.

Why did you choose Averett University’s Graduate & Professional Studies program?

After careful research, I found students from my area who have and are attending Averett and Adults that went through the GPS program and some who received their master’s degree through Averett. After careful thought and prayer, I decided that Averett was the school for me because it feels like more of a family University.

I am so glad I made this decision, I have had the best experience so far. I love Averett.

How has your degree from Averett University assisted you in your career?

I am hoping that when I complete my degree I will have more chances of advancement in my current job.

What advice would you share for current and incoming students in Averett University’s GPS Program?

My advice for anyone in the GPS program or coming into the program is, stay focused and know that you can do this program and you will love it. If you have any questions or concerns the professors are there to help you with everything. Your advisors are there as well. Don’t feel overwhelmed, you will get through it and the outcome is well worth it.

What keeps you motivated while in your degree program?

What keeps me motivated? When I get tired and feel like I can’t study one more minute all I do is sit back and think of hearing my name being called as I am walking across the stage and handed my degree, looking out in the crowd and seeing how proud I have made my family. My goal is to graduate with honors if at all possible.

What is your anticipated date of graduation?

December 2019 is my anticipated graduation date and I am planning to continue on for my Masters at Averett.


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