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In the grand scheme of things in this one brief, beautiful life, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. All of your experiences, frustrations, fears, accomplishments, and dreams have brought you to where you are right now in this moment. There’s a reason you’ve taken the time today to explore college degrees online, and there’s a reason why you’ve (finally) acknowledged that ever-burning desire in your heart to look into earning a degree. There’s no use hanging on to regrets of why you didn’t do it sooner or procrastinating one day longer. You’ve run out of excuses and rationalizations. There is no financial, logistic-based, or personal reason why you can’t start today. That’s right! Today’s the day you stop dreaming about it and chattering about it with your friends and family. Today’s the day you put your thoughts, your prayers, your dreams, and your goals into action. Here’s why now is the perfect time to earn your BBA degree:

1. You’re not 18.

Phew! Thank goodness, right? Who really wants to be back at that stage in life where how many “likes” you get on your social media platforms for your 100th selfie of the week seem to be more important (and all-consuming) to your 4,305 friends than what really matters most to you – making a profound difference both in your world and in the world. Though there are certainly teens achieving incredible things at their young age, there’s just really no comparison between earning your Bachelor in Business Administration right out of high school vs. going back to school when you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50+s. Your focus on the big picture of how your BBA degree will help you be of service to others, your ability to enjoy the journey and embrace each and every college course, and your choice regarding how to spend your Friday nights, are all vastly different when you pursue your BBA degree when you’re older (and know a lot more) instead of when you’re 18 (when you think you already know everything)!

2. You’ll bring more to the party.

Perhaps you’ve held various jobs for various employers or you’ve been with the same company for years; maybe you’ve been a full-time (and by full-time we mean 24/7) housemaker, mother, father, or single parent. It doesn’t matter which scenario seems to describe you best, the fact is – your personal and professional life experiences throughout all these years will contribute significantly to your success in your college classes. The unique perspectives, opinions, philosophies, and ideas you will bring to the “party” will not only help you to garner a deeper understanding of what you are studying, but also enable you to inspire and help your peers secure a broader and deeper understanding of the particular topics throughout your Bachelors of Business Administration classes.

3. The “swag” gift bag you’ll get will be overflowing.

The knowledge, skills, and experiences you bring to a conversation, a college class, a seminar, or a party directly affect what you will “get” out of that experience. If you don’t know anything at all about sailing the Atlantic on a catamaran and attend a conference on catamaran sails and pontoons, you won’t get much out of that experience. Granted, you will know a little more about the topic than you did before you attended the event, but it will be nowhere near what an avid daily Hobie Cat sailor gets out of it.

When your BBA degree’s marketing course requires you to read case studies about how businesses like Red Bull and Gatorade have mastered the art and science of brand marketing strategy, you’ll get a lot out of it if you have knowledge of marketing and/or have ever seen some of Red Bull’s or Gatorade’s phenomenal marketing commercials. The more knowledge, experiences, and skills you bring to your college courses, the more you will get out of them. That’s why this is the perfect time to pursue that academic goal. Had you attended college right out of high school, many of the concepts, scenarios, and research studies you would have explored back then would have been hard to relate to, challenging to understand, or just not meaningful to you in any real-world way.

4. It’s your ticket out or up the next step on that corporate ladder.

Whether you’ve been wanting to be promoted to a managerial level with your current employer, or you have been looking to change jobs and secure that dream position, obtaining a Bachelor in Business Administration degree will significantly help you to accomplish that goal. In fact, just starting your academic pursuit is often enough to be offered a promotion. If your employer sees that you are striving to improve yourself and enhance your skills by taking the initiative to earn your BBA degree, you could be offered that manager’s position right now over an outsider with a college degree getting it.

Employees who get promoted are the ones who go above and beyond what is expected of them. They arrive earlier than scheduled; they stay later; they help their colleagues before they are asked; they take pride in their work; and they have a “can do” attitude. If your positive disposition just doesn’t seem to be quite enough to get you where you know you ought to be, earning your BBA degree is your ticket to go where you want (either up that corporate ladder or out of your current position and on to a better one).

5. If not now, when?

Today’s the day. Not tomorrow, not next week, and not when things get better or things change. Getting information today about the steps involved in earning your BBA degree will get you started toward your goal. Making a phone call today to talk with an experienced, personable Admissions Counselor will get you the answers to all the questions that have been collecting cobwebs and taking up space in your head. Enrolling in just one Bachelor in Business Administration college course today will get you up and moving closer towards achieving your lifelong goal to earn a college degree (and you get to stay in your pajamas the whole time!)

6. That pajama thang.

Decades ago, the pursuit of a college degree meant you had to take a shower, get dressed, look presentable, gather all your assignments, tackle the traffic, and drive to a brick and mortar building to attend your scheduled classes. Sometimes you’d have more than one class on the same day, but hours apart. That meant you either had to stay on campus all day long until the evening class started, or you’d drive home only to have to drive back later. Thanks to 21st century technology, you have other options now.

Today you can still earn that Bachelor of Business Administration without leaving your home, without leaving your dog, and without getting out of your pajamas. Moreover, you don’t have to be “present” in a class at the exact same time every week; instead, you typically simply have to post a weekly discussion by the designated day, respond to other students’ postings a few days later, and then turn in an assignment by a Sunday night deadline. Voila! It’s (really) that easy! So, at two in the morning while the rest of the world sleeps, you can be sporting your favorite PJs while writing a magnum opus about how entrepreneurial-spirited people launch their dream businesses (even while in their pajamas).

On Campus or Online BBA Degree Programs

Averett’s popular BBA degree program explores all the essential topics relevant in today’s business world. From accounting and finance classes, human resource management coursework, and economics to management, marketing, quantitative analysis and statistics, and legal, regulatory, and ethical issues, a BBA degree from Averett will enable you to gain confidence and have a solid foundation in the various facets of creating, developing, managing, and sustaining a profitable, successful business (whether your own or someone else’s).

From 8 Reasons to Go Back to College as an Adult to How to Choose an Online Degree Program to Tips to Balance Work, Family, and Going Back to School, Averett University Graduate & Professional Studies is here to help you succeed in both your professional life and your academic life (which, when combined, will help to make your personal life everything you had hoped and dreamed). You may also like Tips to Consider If You are Dealing With a Bad Boss or You Know It’s Time to Go Back to College When.

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