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Kim is passionate about tutoring, training, and conflict resolution! His mission is to help people become leaders by supporting their academic growth.

Kim has been a certified mediator for over 15 years. He has a Master’s degree with a focus in Social Sciences & Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Human Resources.

He also is a Transformation Coach, trainer, certified group facilitator, a men’s empowerment group leader and trainer, a retired state government manager, and a former circus acrobat and animal trainer ( which ties all of it together 🙂 ).

Kim believes that success is the result of not only working hard, but knowing when to ask for support. He is here to support you in your academic growth and success.

He lives near Salem, Virginia, on 5 acres in the Blue Ridge mountains. When he’s not tutoring, he enjoys puttering about his 160+ year old house, researching new materials for teaching, and making strange sounds with his guitar.


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