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Students who enroll in our Graduate and Professional Studies programs stand to gain more than just a degree: they’re making an investment in their future. Averett offers you an investment you can afford.

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The Financial Aid Process – Basic Information

This page gives details of the initial process of applying for Financial Aid. You must re-apply for financial aid every year in which you are enrolled with Averett University’s Graduate and Professional Studies division. The Averett financial aid process is in three stages:

  1. You report information about your financial situation to the Department of Education via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.
  2. The Federal Government reviews your FAFSA and determines how much you can be expected to contribute out-of-pocket to your education (your Estimated Family Contribution or EFC).
  3. After you register for classes, Averett reviews the FAFSA information and comes up with an award package of financial aid—usually a mix of loans and grants—to help you cover the difference between your EFC and the cost of attending Averett.

If you apply for private loans to supplement your financial aid package, you may need to complete additional paperwork.

How to Apply for Averett Financial Aid

After you are accepted and enrolled as an Averett GPS student, you will need to apply for financial aid. Click here and scroll to STEP 3 to learn how to apply.

After You’ve Applied

Once you have applied for financial aid and registered for your courses, Averett will send you an e-mail notification of award explaining your estimated cost of attendance for the current year. If we need you to submit any other evidence, we will indicate that at this time.

Please note that your award letter may not arrive until 2-3 weeks into your first course.

You will need to finalize your financial aid by creating an account at NetPartner with your Averett University Student ID number. Accept your funds and submit any missing documents to complete the process for the current year.

Potential Delays

Financial aid may be delayed for the following reasons: you are chosen by the government for Verification, or you are in default on another student loan.

Verification: If your FAFSA contains conflicting or incomplete information, the Federal Government may select your file for verification. You will need to submit additional documentation, such as IRS Tax Return Transcripts, to complete the process. You will not be able to receive financial aid until verification is complete.

Use the Data Retrieval Tool to complete your FAFSA.  The Data Retrieval Tool reduces errors that cause selection for verification. The Financial Aid department can receive any documents you are asked to provide during the verification process.

Resolve a Default: You’ll need to resolve any previous student loans in default with the lenders involved, whether it is the government or a private lender. To become eligible for financial aid, you must then submit proof from the lender that is no more than 45 days old which shows you are in good standing.


Get Help with Averett Financial Aid

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Enrolled GPS students can contact their school financial aid counselors via phone at 800-283-7388. For more specific contact information, please refer to the “Contact” section of our FAQs.

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