The moment you’ve been working so hard for has finally come and gone. Graduation.

Now what is next?

It’s time to F.U.U.S.E. your life!

What does this mean? Let us explain.

F – Find Your Dream Job:  Now that you’ve worked hard and earned your degree, it’s time to find the job you have aspired for all your entire life! Take advantage of networking opportunities on social media and connect with your fellow alumni. These connections can lead you to an unexpected mentor in your desired field, and can help you land an interview for your dream career!

U – Update Your Resume: Since you have graduated, it’s time to update your resume. Your resume should now have a professional layout to it, rather than one of a student’s. It should include your top skills, be easy to read, use professional language and list your accomplishments in a measurable format. Contact Angie McAdams at Averett’s Center for Community Engagement and Career Competitiveness to ensure your resume is top-notch for your next interview! Click here for her contact information.

U – Update Your Appearance: When it comes to updating your look, we don’t mean to run to the nearest Target. However, if you wore mainly t-shirts and hoodies throughout your studies, it may be time to gain a more professional image before your next big interview. As you enter into the job market, it is important to make sure your overall appearance is professional. Also, it is best practice to review all of your social media accounts after graduation. As you review, make sure all pictures and postings display you in a positive light. Any you find that may not, now is the perfect time to delete them!

S – Set Your Goals: Now that you have accomplished your goal of graduation, it is an excellent time to set new goals for your post-graduate career. Do you want pay off your student loans by a certain date? Do you have a dream job in mind? Do you want to own a home, or move far away? These goals should be based on what you want in life, so you can plan your next action steps to accomplish them.

E – Evaluate Your Objectives: Now that you’ve set your goals. It’s time to evaluate them. Decide on how you are going to accomplish them in a timely manner. Do you want to pay off your student loans in five years? Action item: Start setting aside $500 a month for my loans. Do you want to work for a CPA firm? Action items: Update my resume, network with other CPA’s, and start taking the CPA exam. Evaluate your goals in a manner so you can create easy to accomplish action items for yourself. This will in turn make your goals much more attainable, and you will find yourself achieving your goals more quickly!

Even though you have graduated, education never stops! Continue to learn and expand your knowledge within your field. Averett Online offers an Alumni Scholarship to all of their Alumni. Click here to learn more about this offer!

Click here to learn about Averett Online’s programs!

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