My favorite thing about Averett would have to be the people. Through Averett, I was able to meet and connect with a lot of influential people who helped me throughout my educational journey. – Courtney, ’20


Courtney obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Averett, and fell in love with their education programs. When she decided to pursue her M.ED. choosing Averett was an easy decision for her.

One of her favorite things about the M.ED. – Curriculum and Instruction program was the preparation it gave her for her career as a teacher. This particular program allowed Courtney to have  classroom practicums at a variety of schools and in different grades, which gave her a lot of practice in several different areas!

If you are debating starting or going back to school Courtney provided excellent advice. She says for anyone who is thinking about obtaining their degree to put away any fears they may have and go for it. There is nothing better than receiving an education that will benefit you tremendously down the road!

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