A Masters Degree is something I thought I would never be able to accomplish. Data Analytics is a new program for Averett and I wanted a Masters in something new and unique. Also, Data Analytics is one of those fields that is high in demand right now. – Timothy Ponikvar, MSADA’20


Timothy Ponikvar started his journey with Averett in 2017, when he started his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. He joined the program at Averett’s satellite office in Quantico, where he was stationed in the Marine Corps. However, after 18 months of attending the program he had to withdraw due to personal reasons. After moving to Florida, he decided to continue his education. He finished his BBA, and eventually decided to obtain his Masters.

Throughout his education, Timothy has enjoyed working with Averett’s professors on a regular basis. As he is challenged to think critically in his course work. We asked Timothy to share advice for anyone who is thinking about returning to school, and he said “to definitely see what Averett has to offer. The faculty and staff are here for you every step of the way, which make the process much easier.”

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