Business gets more complex all the time, which means there’s no standing still. You must constantly learn new skills if you want to keep up, much less get ahead. That’s why so many working adults have school on their radar—and not just so they can say they have a degree. They know the right combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in business and management can position them to take the next leap in their careers.

Here’s where Averett University comes in. We specialize in helping working adults move from point A to point B with a BBA, or Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Whether you’re eying a promotion in your current company or you want to venture into new territory, this practical online program will prepare you for the challenge. Need more convincing? Check out these reasons to go after your BBA in 2019.

  • Getting a BBA is a great idea at any age. It may be a little easier to go to school when you’re 18 than when you’re 28 or 38, but it’s still doable. Online programs like Averett’s give you the flexibility to fit school around the rest of your life.
  • More education qualifies you for more opportunities. Having a BBA degree on your resume automatically puts you in the running for jobs requiring that level of education. Even if it’s not required, the extra horsepower can make the difference between you and another candidate.
  • A bigger view of the world makes you more valuable. Don’t let anyone tell you that what you learn in school won’t help in the real world. Averett University professors have been there. They teach what you need to impress your boss or a potential new employer.
  • New possibilities will arise. In a BBA degree program, you study a wide range of topics including accounting, human resource management, marketing and economics. Who knows? You might just find a new calling.
  • Going to school puts a spotlight on your ambition. Employers know it takes a lot of gumption to work and go to school at the same time. Just taking the initiative to improve yourself with a BBA shows you’re willing to take on more responsibility.
  • A BBA prepares you for an MBA. If earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is on your bucket list, a BBA from Averett is the logical next step. Averett will help you build the foundation you need to become an executive-level leader.

Few investments return more value than a good education. Averett University’s online BBA degree program is affordable, accredited and tailor-made for busy adults. It’s 2019—time to invest in your future.

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