Students who earn their criminal justice degrees at Averett University have a definite edge over people who go to other schools. The reason? Our own Dr. James F. Hodgson.

Dr. Hodgson is the sociology/criminal justice program director and professor of sociology and criminal justice for GPS at Averett. In October, he was elected president of the Virginia Association of Criminal Justice Educators, which works to improve the quality of criminal justice education and opportunities at schools throughout the Commonwealth. While all Virginia colleges and universities benefit from Dr. Hodgson’s vast criminal justice knowledge and experience, only Averett students have firsthand access to his passion for the field, his invaluable advice and his criminal justice career guidance.

“I’m honored to be selected for this role,” said Dr. Hodgson, “and I look forward to increasing educational access, options and opportunities for criminal justice practitioners and students. I hope my work with the association will make me an even better resource for the students at Averett as they prepare for the exciting world of criminal justice.”

We offer an online Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Criminal Justice and an online Master of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership and Administration that are designed for the busy lifestyles of working adults. We are proud to partner with many of the police academies in Virginia – see our articulation agreements.

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