Hello! My Name Is…

My name is Jennifer Hitt. I am the Compliance Coordinator at a therapeutic day school. I enjoy working out, cooking, hanging out with friends, church, and playing with my dogs. I am married to a wonderful man, Justin Hitt, who is also a teacher.

What is your motivation for obtaining your degree here at Averett University?

My motivation for obtaining my masters is so that I can further my professional development and my career options in education. I want to learn more about what my students are going through and how I can better serve their needs.

Why did you choose Averett University’s Graduate & Professional Studies program?

I chose this program because I was able to continue working while taking classes. It also gave me the flexibility to adjust my workload so that I could balance my job, school, and family responsibilities in ways that allow me to be successful.

How has your degree from Averett University assisted you in your career?

The knowledge and understanding that I have gained during the program at Averett has already helped me be better in my new role and responsibilities within my school.

What advice would you share for current and incoming students in Averett University’s GPS Program?

My advice would be to focus on your time management skills. For example utilizing a calendar to keep up with due dates as well as time needed to complete assignments. This will allow you to make time for other personal activities and take time with your family which is necessary to keep stress levels down.

What keeps you motivated while in your degree program?

My family has been a great support system for me. I have a goal to continually better myself and reach my full potential. With this degree I hope to be in a position to provide the best life for my family.

What is your anticipated date of graduation?

Spring 2019


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