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My name is Jacqueline Terry and I am honored to be nominated for the Student Spotlight Program at Averett University! Currently, I am an Implementation Specialist working for Dominion Payroll in Richmond, Virginia. I assist new clients with the implementation process of many different Human Capital Management solutions, such as payroll, HR, and Time & Attendance for businesses in many different industries.

My family includes my amazingly supportive husband of five years and our three-year-old son, Everett, and we are also expecting a baby girl in July! We lead a very busy life outside of work and try to fit in as many different activities where we can. In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my son, family, and friends.

What is your motivation for obtaining your degree here at Averett University?  

My motivation for obtaining my degree at Averett University is to be able to make a better life for my family, and to be a strong role model for my children. Not all people are able to pursue a degree right out of high school, and I want them to be able to see that their mom was able to work full time, raise a family, and pursue her educational goals all at once and that they can achieve their goals too with continued hard work, dedication, and persistence.

Why did you choose Averett University’s Graduate & Professional Studies program?

I chose Averett’s Graduate & Professional Studies Program for the flexibility and length of the program. As a working adult who has quite the commute, attending classes in person or at night is just not an option, and being able to take accelerated courses online where I can find the time to do so helps to keep me engaged and moving forward to achieve my educational goals. I can work on my classes when it is most convenient for me and my busy schedule.

How has your degree from Averett University assisted you in your career?

Earning my degree from Averett University will help support and solidify all of my work experience I have gained throughout my career. It will also assist with opening up other career opportunities for me in the future.

Earning my degree from Averett University will help support and solidify all of my work experience I have gained throughout my career.

What advice would you share for current and incoming students in Averett University’s GPS Program?

Don’t get discouraged and never doubt yourself. There will be good days and there will be harder days, but never give up and always keep pushing forward. You WILL make it through, and that feeling you get once you complete your degree will be oh so worth it.

What keeps you motivated while in your degree program?

I have surrounded myself with an amazing support system. My husband is my rock and is always there to pick me up and help keep me motivated. My amazingly strong mother taught me to always have drive and intention with everything you do in life and to never stop pushing for what you want to achieve. Being able to get words of encouragement from them and the rest of my friends and family helps to keep me on track and working towards finishing my degree.

What is your anticipated date of graduation?

Averett University, Class of 2019!


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