Hello! My name Is…

My name is Lindsey Vasser and I grew up in a little town called Gretna, Va. I am 23 years old and I have an amazing family and boyfriend that sticks by me through it all. I hope to one day have a career in Criminal Justice in the Forensics/Crime Scene side of the field. While I am not working and doing schoolwork, I enjoy going to the gym, going to hockey games, tanning, going to the beach, and just being adventurous and trying to live life to the fullest.

What is your motivation for obtaining your degree here at Averett University?      

My motivation for obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree at Averett is my family. I strive to hopefully one day be able to provide for them as they have provided for me all of these years and I do not want them to have to worry about things. I want to see myself succeed and I hit obstacles along the way, but in the end I know that God wouldn’t point me in that direction if He did not think that I could do it.

Why did you choose Averett University’s Graduate & Professional Studies program?

I chose Averett’s Program because it is convenient to home, my transcript and credits would transfer from DCC, and I studied online and reviewed that Averett was a good choice for a local school to attend for your Bachelor’s Degree. 

How has your degree from Averett University assisted you in your career?

I plan on obtaining my degree from Averett in order to get my foot in the door with a career that I am interested in and then maybe pursuing my Master’s Degree in order to receive the career choices that I am interested in.

I plan on obtaining my degree from Averett in order to get my foot in the door with a career that I am interested in

What advice would you share for current and incoming students in Averett University’s GPS program?

One piece of advice that I would share with incoming and current GPS Program students is to not get behind on your schoolwork. Sometimes I can be bad about getting behind on my schoolwork due to work, however I find that it is even more challenging to make it all up in the end to get some points still.

What keeps you motivated while in your degree program?

One thing that keeps me motivated while doing my Bachelor’s degree would be knowing that I am one day going to have to pay for this education and I want to be able to have a good job so that I can pay for my education. My family, boyfriend, and God is another key piece that seems to keep me motivated and to stay on the right track through all the hardships in life.

What is your anticipated date of graduation?

Currently, my anticipated graduation date is going to be this summer, I recently had more classes added on so my expected graduation date has been set back. Good luck to all of my fellow Cougars that are trying to further their education!!


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