As much as so many of Averett University’s students share a lot in common with each other, they are also distinctly different from one another. Each student brings his or her own experiences, skills, knowledge, personality, and perspectives to the Averett community. The uniqueness of each student directly contributes to the success of each course, each program, and each graduating class at Averett. The holidays are our favorite time of the year to acknowledge and celebrate the diverse gifts that are our students. A few wonderful examples of these countless appreciated gifts include:

  • The students who are pursuing their degrees at Averett so that they can further help others, challenge themselves, and reach their potential.
  • The students who are active military and want to further their careers in the military by earning a degree at Averett.
  • The students who are full-time homemakers and mothers and who decided to go back to school to pursue a long-time dream of earning a college degree.
  • The students in our master’s of education program who are pursuing their master’s at Averett to lead and help develop effective teachers.
  • The students who are parents of teenagers and want to set an awesome example for their children about the importance of higher education.
  • The students who thought for sure they were done with college once they received their bachelor’s degree, but then decided to return years later to earn their master’s degree at Averett.
  • The students who work full-time at police departments and want to earn a bachelor’s degree at Averett to continue to advance in their positions.
  • The students who are veterans and are returning to school to accomplish a lifelong goal of earning a college degree at Averett.
  • The students who are motivated by their children to pursue their master’s or bachelor’s degrees at Averett to show their loved ones that anything is possible if they set their minds to it.
  • The students who are the first members in their multi-generational families to pursue a college degree and who want to set the example for the younger generations in their family.
  • The students who started college years ago, quit, and then decided to return and finish their bachelor’s degree at Averett!

We’re so very grateful for all our students at Averett all year long, and holidays are a perfect time of year for us to say, “Thank you, students, for being you and for sharing the gift of you –with us!”

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