I had to find an accredited program that would allow me to pursue my professional goals while allowing me to wear my many hats, [and] Averett GPS program was a perfect fit.

What is your motivation for obtaining your degree?

I believe that each day my students face more and more challenges, which create obstacles that keep them from reaching their personal success. Their unique personalities demand individualized attention. In addition, their personal, educational, and emotional needs must be met in the classroom. I believe that my students want more than just a quality education. Sometimes they are just looking for a person to make a connection with and someone who cares. I must engage students in rigorous academic pursuits, while helping them to challenge themselves to work hard and be successful. I must facilitate knowledge and develop a classroom atmosphere that creates a passion for learning. I believe that teaching is being demanding of students, but at the same time making them feel important and valued.

When I effectively convey my expectations, they are more likely to achieve success. When I set high expectations for my students, they can succeed. When I challenge my students in appropriate and meaningful ways, they will accomplish the unexpected. I believe that when I can get my students and the community to interact, they can learn skills that will help them triumph over all obstacles. This is my belief and what I strive for each day when I enter my classroom. After obtaining my M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision I look forward to leading and helping other develop and become more effective teachers.

Why did you choose Averett’s Graduate & Professional Studies Program?

I am a devoted husband, proud father of two daughters, and a high school mathematics teacher. My family and job responsibilities keep me busy. Therefore, I had to find an accredited program that would allow me to pursue my professional goals while allowing me to wear my many hats. The Averett GPS program was a perfect fit.

Please share one tip for your fellow classmates and future AU students:

The professors at Averett University truly care and are committed to the success of their students. Therefore, I would advise current and future students not to be afraid to ask the professors for help. In other words, maximize your learning by taking advantage of the guidance, expertise, and experience of your professors.

What helps to keep you motivated while you are in the program?

There were two sources of motivation that I was able to draw from while in the program. The first source is professionally based. For me, pursuing a career in education was not a job, but a calling. Obtaining my degree would serve to help me increase my influence in the lives of students. A second source of motivation is my family. A few years ago, I watched my wife earn her master’s degree. That’s when I knew that I could as well. Additionally, I am a father of two. Instead of telling my daughters how to study, I was able to model it. Lastly, I wanted to instill in them the importance of education.

What is your anticipated Date of Graduation?

Averett University, Class of 2017


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