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What is your motivation for obtaining your degree?

I am currently working on my Bachelor’s in Business Administration. I am a part-time mental health counselor and one day I hope to use my studies to achieve a stable career by running a small establishment of mental health counselors in the Danville-Pittsylvania County area.

Why did you choose Averett’s Graduate & Professional Studies Program?

I choose Averett’s GPS Program because it was convenient and a better choice for my lifestyle.

Please share one tip for your fellow classmates and future AU students:

Do not give up on yourself even when it appears that everything is against you. Keep pushing towards your goals, there will be light at the end of the tunnel if you keep faith.

What helps to keep you motivated while you are in the program?

As a single mother, my hobbies are somewhat restricted but I do still try to find time for myself outside of my children’s activities. Completing my education is important to me for a future career as well as to set an example for my two daughters.

What is your anticipated Date of Graduation?

Averett University, Class of 2019

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