kendra holley

After I finished nursing school in 2011, I continued to have the drive to further my education and continue to learn more in such an amazing field of work. Once I started working as an RN, it was hard for me to decide where to go for my Bachelor’s degree that wouldn’t be a strain on my work and home life. When I found out that Averett was offering an online RN-BSN program, I knew it was perfect for me. I work in the operating room and have to call each week, so having only one class to tackle was a huge benefit. The class size was a great size for group work and interaction, and all of the instructors were helpful and knowledgeable.

One thing about my experience at Averett was the fact that I needed to sign up for non-nursing classes as well and my advisor, Carly Pearce, took the time to video chat with me to discuss my options. It was clear to me that she strives to interact with the students the best way she can, and her doing so meant a lot to me. Now that classes are over and [I have graduated], I can actually say that I miss signing onto Moodle and checking for assignments and reading my classmates’ responses.  

My experience at Averett will be hard to top once I go back to school for further education, and I really hope that they will offer a MSN program in the future! I have two nursing friends that are currently enrolled in Averett’s GPS BSN program, and I continue to encourage others to look into making the same rewarding decision.

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