Ken B

Meet Ken Buckley, who is currently working on his Associate of Science in Business degree and is a future Bachelor Degree student!

We recently asked Ken what is motivating him to earn his Bachelors degree. He writes, “My biggest motivation for wanting to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science with a Concentration in Leadership was my personal need and desire to achieve this goal. At age 53, I have wanted to do it for many years but never took the first step. My wife and I took my oldest Step Son, Brad Booth, on many different college campus tours as he was deciding on what college to attend a few years ago. I think that is the moment I look back on that gave me the desire and confidence to return to college. Funny how we are supposed to motivate our children but my experience with him ended up motivating me.”

We asked Ken why he chose Averett’s GPS Program, and he writes, “I chose Averett’s GPS Program for many different reasons. The first was Averett was close to me, I live in South Boston. Also, the staff that answered my many questions were very helpful, kind and generous with their time. I was impressed with my first meeting at the campus with my counselor – she was really great. The biggest reason was probably the flexibility of the courses. I still work a full time job and I like to spend time with my family and friends so this seemed like a perfect fit for me.”

We asked Ken to share a tip with fellow and future classmates…”My one tip for my fellow classmates and future students is to revel in your accomplishments as you achieve them. Break bigger goals in to smaller goals that are more attainable. Don’t wait until you graduate to celebrate – cherish the time while you are working on getting your degree because it will make your experience that much better and even more rewarding when you do get your degree.”

Lastly, we asked Ken to share what keeps him motivated while in his degree program. He writes, “My personal drive and commitment is what keeps me motivated. My wife Rhonda, has also been very helpful when my homework and/or work are overwhelming, she knows that I have limited time to help out around the house and she takes up the slack. As I just stated, self-motivation is key for me being successful in this type of program. I have also been getting a lot of support from people I work with. They have been great, sharing compliments and also checking in to see how I am doing.”

Ken has almost completed his first year of college, and looks forward to graduating with his Associate of Science in Business Degree in 2017, and with his BAS Degree in 2019! Ken, thank you so much for your wonderful testimony, spirit, and advice! You are an amazing student, and we are very honored to have you here as a member of the‪#‎AverettFamily ‪#‎weloveourstudents‬

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