My name is Andrew Taylor. I am currently a small-business owner here in Virginia, and I attended Averett University from 1995 to 1998. What motivated me to go back to school in 1995 was I was working for a large manufacturing company, and I was kind of in the middle-management type role, and I had aspirations of excelling and maybe being in upper management, and so I attended Averett University and got my degree, and now I’m a small-business owner.

My favorite thing about Averett University was obviously the leadership skills and the presentation skills that I acquired. If somebody were considering going to Averett University to advance their skill set, or if they had a goal in mind, I would highly recommend Averett University. Averett provides you a platform to not only work full-time, but also to juggle family life and attain your goals of a four-year or a six-year degree through their programs that they offer.