My name is Rosa Morris and I’m currently enrolled in the bachelor degree program with a business administration with Averett University and I’m a claims adjuster through a national insurance company. My biggest motivation to go back to school was to finish something that I started a long time ago. I also have a brand new baby boy, so I really wanted him to have a strong future. So far, my experience has been phenomenal. I’ve enjoyed everything from the faculty to meeting other adult learners through this program, through this five week program and it’s just really given me some sort of support and motivation to continue and see my goal through.

Averett has really helped me with my career by enhancing my communication skills with my colleagues, my customers and my peers, along with providing me the knowledge base that I need to become an effective and influential people leader in the future. I would tell anybody thinking about joining the Averett family is to go for it, to do it. It’s the best decision I’ve made as an adult learner. Through their online program it gives you all the tools that you need to succeed. I would tell you that the only way for you to predict your future is to create it.