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Sociology Minor

Expand your career opportunities by coupling a Sociology Minor with a degree in Business Administration. A minor, completed in addition to your major and general education coursework, illustrates your dedication and drive, enhances your business knowledge and skills and increases your chances of landing a job in a competitive market.

Goals and Course Topics

Students majoring in Business Administration who choose to obtain a Sociology Minor develop a more comprehensive perspective of the world that can help in most job situations. You have the opportunity to learn about issues in areas such as family, crime, religion, race and ethnic relations, urban communities, aging, gender roles and law.

Sociology Minor Format

The Sociology Minor is presented online for students whose busy lifestyles or location make it difficult to attend structured classes. Small classes facilitate productive discussions and personal attention from your instructor. The time for completion depends on the number of courses you take per semester. If you take six courses for 18 credit hours at once, you can complete the Sociology Minor in one semester. You may take one to five courses during each 15-week semester.

Who This Sociology Minor Program is For

The Sociology Minor program is for adults who have completed SOC 101 plus 15 hours in Sociology (nine hours at 300-400 levels). We prefer applicants with official transcripts showing a 2.0 or higher GPA in Sociology. Full-time work experience is not required.

You must apply far enough in advance to submit transcripts and follow acceptance procedures. If you are a GPS student currently, check with Financial Aid to see if minor courses are covered.

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"What I've enjoyed most about the program has been the support, not only from the faculty and staff, but also from my fellow students. The support system that you have can make a world of difference."

- Krysti Filer, BBA '17

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Krysti Filer, Averett BBA

"My motivation is to better myself and to better my chances for advancement within my career field. I feel like I'm obtaining my goals through Averett."

- Mitchell Harris, BSCJ '17

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Mitchell Harris

"My experience has been phenomenal. I have enjoyed everything from the faculty to meeting other adult learners in this program. It's given me the support and motivation to continue to see my goal through."

- Rosa Morris, BBA '17

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Rosa Morris, BBA

"Averett provides you a platform to not only work full time, but to also juggle family life and attain your goals."

- Andrew Taylor, BBA '99

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Butch Taylor

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