In today’s world, public safety officials must possess forward-thinking administrative and leadership skills to address the diverse demands of our modern era. As public safety practitioners advance to supervisory roles, they are expected to possess expertise in public safety administration and leadership. Moreover, individuals aspiring to higher management positions must hold a graduate degree in administration and leadership.

Opportunity for Advanced Knowledge

Obtaining a Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) provides individuals in the field with advanced knowledge and skills, equipping them with a deeper understanding of the complexities of the system. This comprehensive education enhances their ability to analyze and address the various challenges and issues within the criminal justice field. An MSCJ could also serve as a steppingstone for further academic pursuits, such as a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice or related fields.

Career Advancement Opportunities

An MSCJ opens up a wide range of career opportunities and advancement prospects. With a master’s degree, individuals are better positioned for leadership and management roles within law enforcement agencies, corrections facilities, private security firms, and other related organizations. In order to earn pay increases and promotions as a lower-level sergeant, a master’s degree is required. The specialized knowledge gained through an MSCJ program can make individuals more competitive in the job market and increase their earning potential.

Return on Investment

An MSCJ offers a strong return on investment for individuals looking to advance their careers in the field. Earning an MSCJ can lead to higher earning potential through leadership and managerial positions. A lot of these positions require an advanced degree and serve as higher-paying roles. Advancing in one’s career and earning a higher salary can assist in recovering one’s investments and securing financial stability for the future.

What can you do with an MSCJ?

An MSCJ offers a wide range of career opportunities in various sectors of the criminal justice field. A few career paths and roles that can be pursued with an MSCJ are:

  • Law enforcement
  • Corrections
  • Court Systems
  • Homeland Security
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Research and Policy
  • Privacy Sector

Sgt. William “Billy” Chaney with the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office has been in law enforcement for 27 years. Billy is a supporter of Averett University and the MSCJ program. Chaney serves as an example of how receiving a master’s degree can expand a career and skills in criminal justice.

“A graduate degree helps you see things from 10,000 feet instead of 1,000 feet,” said Chaney. “I wouldn’t have waited to get my education – starting earlier would have been beneficial in terms of promotion or salary.”

Why Averett Online?

At Averett Online, you can obtain your degree in as little as two years with our accelerated course delivery. Our MSCJ program is one of the shortest criminal justice programs in the country, requiring only 31 credit hours. With the option to take two courses per academic term, you can complete the program in as little as one year Furthermore, with the public safety ay discount, the program tuition is under $13,000.

Averett shows appreciation for the effort and dedication that students exhibit while attending the police academy. Averett’s MSCJ program offers guaranteed admission graduates from the Commonwealth of Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academies who are appropriately prepared and determined to pursue a baccalaureate degree. Averett will award up to 30 hours for law enforcement officer certification and 12 hours for jail basic officer certification. Averett also offers free transfer evaluations for students entering the program to make the process easier and faster for students.

Our programs are designed for convenience and are a smart investment for the future. Our dedicated instructors and supportive staff are always available to help students reach career and educational goals. Our mission is to be a model for partnership and innovation in learning, assuring our graduates will be highly competitive in the workplace and creative and agile leaders in their fields.

Our MSCJ program at Averett Online focuses on the interdisciplinary aspects of administration and leadership to equip students with the necessary tools to excel in their professional roles and tackle obstacles innovatively. Designed specifically for public safety practitioners entering or progressing into administrative and leadership positions, this degree offers advanced graduate education opportunities. It caters to individuals already working in public safety who aim for career advancement in administrative and leadership capacities. Additionally, our MSCJ program will produce accomplished public safety professionals capable of assuming leadership roles in community development, problem-solving and furthering the field of public safety in the 21st century.

Take the next step towards advancing your career in the field of criminal justice by submitting your free application with us now.