Teams are strong due to the different aspects that each member brings to the table. This can be seen in sports, games and many more group related organizations. Similar to football or basketball, Averett Online’s team is striving towards one goal – putting your success first and giving opportunities to working professionals.

From our admissions department to academic services, we are all focused on bettering our students’ education and making sure that our online programs equip students with the skills they need for their goal occupation. While you are learning, we are supporting you all the way through academics, counseling, tutoring and more. Personal attention and small class sizes make sure that our students receive the help and instruction they need to succeed. The advising department and tutoring program makes sure that the classes you attend are the right fit for your program and personal lifestyle, including a flexible schedule and help with studies needed.

Our admissions department makes sure that you have all needed forms to apply and start your new future. Counselor meetings can be scheduled through their information on the staff directory tab on our website. Student services is tasked with monitoring your success and offering help when needed. With our student success coaches, you are assisted with achieving your academic and career goals.

Through all of these departments and more, we are equipped with every resource you may need as a student at Averett Online and a member of the Averett family.

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