Helpful, Accessible Advisors

So, you expressed interest in the master’s program at Averett University…now what? What’s next is the best part: you meet the team who will be there to completely support you as you begin your journey! Your Averett admissions counselor will immediately begin helping with your educational plans and will help you get all of the necessary documentation submitted.

Once you have been accepted, your assigned advisor will begin helping you build your schedule and determine the best path for you to take towards completing your degree. These advisors are there for you, to support you, and are accessible by phone or e-mail daily. They are there to cheer you along and help guide you in the right direction as you begin this journey. Advisors and counselors are dedicated to ensuring your success. Anytime you have questions or concerns, they are there to help point you in the right direction.

You are not alone in this process and no matter the concern, you have someone to reach out to at all times. They know that you are a working adult with a family and other responsibilities; therefore, they work to ensure that you are reminded of timelines and requirements as well as support you when there is uncertainty. Averett’s advisors are top-notch and will certainly be a helping hand as you enter into what could be unfamiliar and frightening territory.

Resources Available

Averett is equipped with a plethora of available resources for prospective students and current students. The website is designed to be user-friendly with pop-ups and notifications to help guide you through it.

When you first arrive on the Averett’s website, you will find easy-to-access information regarding admissions, degree opportunities, class size and financial aid options. There are virtual tours of the campus, information about different undergraduate and graduate programs, statistics and pathways for anyone, no matter where you are in your educational journey.

Anything that you need can be found on the website, and if not, someone is always available to help by phone or e-mail. Averett makes it very easy to gather information about potential offerings and provides all the resources necessary to guide you through the admissions process. The staff at Averett works to ensure that your needs are met effortlessly as you embark on your educational endeavor.

Navigating Requirements and Locating Information

As you navigate through the web pages, you will be able to locate information about different program offerings, financial aid options and admissions requirements. Averett’s website is very accessible, providing all of the key information that a new student would need. As you find your information and inquire about the application process, you will be contacted by admissions staff who will help you understand what required documentation is needed and how to best submit all information.

The faculty and staff at Averett never wants you to feel alone while seeking information; someone is always available. My favorite part of Averett’s website is all of the pop-up reminders and notifications; whether it is to chat, to browse programs, or to remind of timelines, the university does an amazing job of keeping you informed and aware of all opportunities.

Financial Aid

The Averett University’s website provides a variety of information regarding financial aid, grants and scholarships. Everything that you could need can be found on the website’s financial aid page.

You might be thinking: “How in the world am I going to afford this?” Averett provides financial aid and scholarships to 99% of all students, reaching $20 million dollars every year. There are numerous opportunities for students to afford a new degree, and I love that Averett makes that process easy. There is even a cost estimating calculator on the website to help you plan out your expenses!

The counselors will also meet with you via Zoom or phone to go over the financial aid options to make the entire process personal. Averett truly tries to find every way to make higher education affordable for everyone.

Flexible Online Programs

Busy lives are the reality of many graduate students, and Averett truly embraces the fact that many are coming back to continue their education in the midst of working and maintaining a normal schedule.

As a working professional, I needed a program that was flexible and convenient based on my crazy agenda. When searching through Averett’s offerings, I quickly found that their online programs were made for me! I was still skeptical because I knew that I needed true flexibility and I worried that between my job, family, coaching, and coursework that I would have a hard time keeping my head above water. The admissions counselors and advisors eased my mind with examples and course layouts so that I could see how the program would work ahead of time. It was absolutely flexible and tailored to a very busy working girl’s schedule.

Averett structures coursework for online classes in an accelerated format to help students finish quickly, as well as have the due dates and assignments pre-planned so that it makes it possible to plan ahead. There is also a break slotted in between each class to help make managing school and life a little easier.  I witnessed that the professors were accommodating to stressful situations and would work with you to remain successful.

Choosing Averett University was the best decision that I have ever made; the Master’s of Education in Administration and Supervision could not have been a better fit for me as I continued to reach for my professional goals. I believe Averett provides every opportunity for all students to be successful, and I am proud to be a Cougar!

-Elizabeth Fulcher | District STEM and Career Coordinator; M. Ed. In Administration and Supervision from Averett University

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