“One of my favorite things about Averett University was the family-like atmosphere. I also appreciated the flexible class scheduling and the willingness that everyone provided to ensure your educational successes.”

– Darryl DuBose, MBA, ‘20


Darryl chose to pursue his degree at Averett to improve his self-knowledge and marketability. He graduated from Averett with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is 2018, then received his master’s in business administration with a concentration in human resource management in 2020. Darryl’s time at Averett equipped him with “…enhanced study and learning habits,” and those habits were used to prepare for higher opportunities. 

Darryl enjoys being a father and grandfather. He is also 20-year veteran of Lynchburg Fire Department where he currently works as a master firefighter/paramedic. Before he joined the fire department, he worked as a department director, facilities manager, team supervisor and as a high school educator. 

“If anyone was on the fence about going back to school, the advice that I would suggest is to be fully dedicated, to be certain you have a solid support system, and to also have a firm handle on your time management skills. These items are key in your success at furthering your education, but without either of them failure could slow or hinder your success in achieving your goals,” Darryl said.  

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