“I chose Averett because of the friendly response and dedication the staff instantly had as soon as I applied, and how well they worked with me to get my process started with my hectic schedule.” -Aimee Wootton, BSCJ, ‘21


For this mother of two and full-time EMS provider, Aimee Wootton said she was able to maintain a work-life balance through the flexibility of Averett Online. As a student of Averett Online, she was able to access online tutoring, video meetings with her professors and complete all of her assignments due to their flexible due dates.

Aimee is no stranger to rejection. Even though she has been working in her field for eight years, she has been turned down from positions because she did not have the degree her potential employer was seeking. She said obtaining her degree from Averett Online in Criminal Justice and Sociology has given her “a basis for a future career in criminal counseling.” Aimee is currently working towards obtaining her Master’s degree to further prepare her for this career.

When asked about providing advice to those considering starting or continuing their educational journey, Aimee said, “Do it now. If you’re questioning it then you’re already motivated.”

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