Averett Online welcomes two interns to their team this summer, Anna-Catherine Kueng and Caitlin Towler.

Anna-Catherine Kueng is a rising senior at the University of Lynchburg majoring in English with minoring in ProfessionalAnna-Catherine_headshot Writing and Educational Studies. After graduation, her goal is to become a middle or high school English teacher. While at college, she works as the assistant editor of The Critograph newspaper and co editor in chief of The Prism literary magazine. She is also a member of the Westover Honors College, Phi Eta Sigma freshman honor society and Sigma Tau Delta English honor society.

Anna-Catherine graduated from Tunstall High School in 2018, and she has lived in Danville, VA all of her life. She discovered her love for writing and literature in high school while taking journalism and Advanced Placement (AP) English classes.

Outside of academics, Anna-Catherine enjoys playing the piano, spending time with her family and running. She prides herself in a large childhood collection of elephant stuffed animals and figurines.

In addition to being an intern for Averett Online, she also works as a log editor for Life Push in Danville, VA. Anna-Catherine is excited for her internship with Averett Online and looks forward to how the experience will further prepare her for a career in teaching.

Caitlin Towler is a sophomore at Averett, who is majoring in Organizational Communication and Public Relations andCaitlin_headshot minoring in English. While at Averett, Caitlin stays busy by working as an editor for the University’s literary magazine, The Ember.

Caitlin graduated from George Washington High School in 2019, and has lived in Danville, VA all of her life. At an early age, her mother sparked her passion for writing, and she started to pursue her passion for communication as a freshman at George Washington High School when she joined their literary magazine, Euantes.

In her free time, Caitlin enjoys creating themed playlists, filling her shelves with books and growing cacti and succulents. Besides her love of plants and coffee, she likes to exercise her photography muscles and capture the greenery and wildlife around Danville. She is a fan of horror films, her favorites including classics such as The Craft (1996) and Interview with the Vampire (1994). While not an adventurer at heart, she still enjoys new places and experiences. This lead to her applying for an internship with the department, as she wants to be her own catalyst into a bright and enlightening future.

Eager to learn, she looks forward to gaining newly found knowledge and experiences through this internship. Caitlin intends to apply the experience she gains to her future career in Public Relations and Communications. With a passion for non-profits, she hopes to make a difference in how charities and similar organizations are seen and heard in our community. With the world’s crisis’ including homelessness and hunger, Caitlin wants to make a positive change in how the effected organizations are communicating with their communities, donors and those in need.

Throughout the internship program, Anna-Catherine and Caitlin will learn a variety of digital marketing skills including: photography, social media, data analytics and technical writing skills. We welcome Anna-Catherine and Caitlin to our team and wish them immense success this summer!

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