My favorite thing about Averett is the people. The students and faculty create a close, family-like learning environment that makes one feel appreciated and cared for as an individual. – Robert Fincher, ’96



Deputy Chief Fincher works for the Martinsville Police Department, and says it was Averett that led him to his career. Before he started his undergraduate coursework, he was uncertain of his future occupation. However, after starting his classes at Averett, he quickly found his calling for law enforcement. The variety of classes offered in Averett’s Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Criminal Justice program gave him a solid foundation to start his career, and continues to be useful in his daily activities as an officer!

Averett’s BSCJ degree is designed to give students the preparation they need to make the right decisions and choices, not just within a professional framework, but also within a humanistic context of demonstrating integrity, respect for others, compassion, empathy, ethics, fairness, and embracing and developing positive community relations within the human services and public safety professions.

When we asked Deputy Chief Fincher to provide tips for those thinking about going back to school he said: “If someone is thinking about going back to school, I would strongly encourage them not to wait. The sooner you start the sooner you will finish and begin receiving the benefits of the education.”

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