Hello! My Name Is…

Hello, my name is John Wilt.

Career–police science and AJ program coordinator with the University of Alaska and Maui Community College for 26 years (combined); retired full professor from Maui CC; ADJ Program Coordinator at Danville CC for 16 years; retired professor emeritus from DCC and retired from USAFR’s Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI); reserve police officer with the Maui Police Department–11 years; social worker in Fairbanks, Alaska; chapter advisor of AU’s Alpha Upsilon Lambda chapter and advisor to AU’s Criminal Justice Club; Star Member with American Criminal Justice Association-Lambda Alpha Epsilon (ACJA-LAE).

Family–married; 3 children and 3 grandchildren

Hobbies–runner and crooner … marathoner with 82 marathons in 30 states with a goal of 100 marathons in 50 states; 7 ultra-marathons (up Haleakala Crater for 37 miles); performed 10 one-man shows featuring Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett classic songs; March 24 and March 26, 2019 one-man shows at Gretna Theater will feature 32 classic Dean Martin songs (benefit for Gretna Little Theater); entertainer at 7 of Danville’s assisted living facilities; A.G.T. auditions for 14 consecutive seasons.

Why did you choose Averett University’s Graduate & Professional Studies program?

Convenient and offers administration of justice master’s level topics.

… do not procrastinate and do not wait until mid-week for assignments due Thursday at 11:59!

How has your degree from Averett University assisted you in your career?

Degree assistance in career–more in-depth understanding of “hot topics” in criminal justice, learn new, emerging technology in the criminal justice field, observation of current instructional methodology from several PhD professors; sharpen research skills.

What advice would you share for current and incoming students in Averett University’s GPS Program?

My advice is to make sure you are ready for a time-consuming challenge … put any major projects or anticipated projects on hold … be prepared for contingencies … anticipate spending 20-30 hours per week for each six-week class … do not procrastinate and do not wait until mid-week for assignments due Thursday at 11:59!

What keeps you motivated while in your degree program?

Desire to learn new ideas and face challenging assignments; will assist me in becoming a better GPS adjunct instructor; lend support to the importance of lifelong learning.

What is your anticipated date of graduation?

May 2020


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