Woo-hoo! Winter break has arrived! But do you know how you’re going to spend it? There are two schools of thought: 1) plan a bunch of stuff so you have fun and feel productive or 2) spend your free time in sweats doing absolutely nothing. Since most people like to do a little bit of both, we came up with a list of ideas for every level of ambition.

  1. Chill out. You worked hard all semester; now it’s time for a little R&R. Sleep late, take naps, skip the workout for a few days. You deserve it.
  2. Read an actual book. Put down your iPad, pick up a book and find a quiet place all to yourself.
  3. Turn off your phone. You don’t have to be available to everyone every minute of the day. Give texting and emailing a rest too; you might be surprised at how good it feels to unplug.
  4. Experience something new. It’s okay to forget the serious stuff for a minute. Take a beginner’s yoga class, sign up for a photography workshop or master a new game with your kids.
  5. You can do something good without making a long-term commitment. Look for projects in your area like a park cleanup, serving meals at a mission or helping with a toy drive.
  6. Meet up with an old friend. Is there someone you’ve gone too long without seeing? Make plans for coffee or a long walk to reconnect.
  7. Update your resume. You never know when opportunity will knock, so be ready with a current resume. Add new work experience and skills, refresh the language with searchable key words and have a friend read it with an objective eye.
  8. Prep for next semester. Getting a jump on school while you have time will make things a whole lot easier when the semester starts. You might reorganize your study area; map out your class schedule; apply for internships, scholarships or job shadowing opportunities; or look into career planning resources.
  9. See a movie. A lot of the year’s best films come out during the holidays and with all your free time, you could be the first in line! Take your family or a friend and splurge on the jumbo popcorn.
  10. Be a kid again. Think back to things you loved when you were young, then do those things again! Ride a bike, go roller skating, shoot hoops, play board games, ride go-karts or jump on a trampoline. In other words, let yourself go!

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