Mindfulness is being fully present in the moment – being fully aware of where you are and what you are doing. It’s not being distracted by regrets of yesterday or trying to multi-task and do several things half-heartedly at one time. How you think about things and whether you choose to “react” to something or simply “be” in the moment will lead you down different paths and toward different outcomes. As you pursue your academic degree, how you choose to think about your challenges can help or hurt you.

Work through negative thoughts that might arise as you pursue your degree:

I haven’t been in school for years, I won’t be able to do the coursework.

As an adult returning to college online at Averett, you will be provided with all the tools, resources, and support you need to succeed. You are not expected to know everything; you will continue to learn as you move forward in your academic journey. You’ll have the ideas and thoughts of your peers, the help of your instructor, and the ongoing support of other professionals at Averett to guide you. Everyone at Averett is rooting for you and wants you to succeed. We understand that many students haven’t had to read anything scholarly or write a paper in a formal academic format for years – no problem! You’ll have everything you need to excel – so don’t let the thought that you haven’t been in a classroom (virtual or real) for years stop you from pursuing your dreams.

I’m too old to go back to school.

No, you’re not. You are never too old to learn something new, to accomplish a lifelong goal, and to better yourself and your circumstances. Your life experiences will contribute more to a class discussion than someone who is just graduating from high school. (Plus, no one in your class is going to ask you how old you are or care!) When you go back to school as an adult, you’re motivated, ready, and eager to embrace the opportunity – often more so than a high school senior who transitions right into college after just a summer off from high school.

I work full-time and really don’t have time to go on with my education.

Most adult students who pursue their degree online at Averett are working full-time. Don’t let the negative thought or excuse of not having enough time get in your way of accomplishing something you have wanted to do for many years. One of the many benefits of going back to school online is the freedom and convenience the experience gives you. Unlike having to drive to a classroom on a college campus, you have the convenience of working on your weekly assignments at your leisure at home.

Embrace positive thoughts that can help you as you pursue your degree:

Other adults have returned to college and succeeded; I can, too.

There are many adults returning to college and successfully earning their degrees online. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the same students to “see” each other in different courses as they progress through their particular academic program. By developing and sustaining relationships with other adult students in your courses, you’ll feel positive about your decision and realize that you are not the only adult college student in the world – or at Averett!

I will be able to prioritize and manage all of my responsibilities successfully.

Everyone has a lot on their plate. From working at a job to being an active family member to maintaining friendships, all adult students have other responsibilities outside of completing their weekly coursework. Taking a course online and working towards a degree will be a temporary change in your normal schedule. You will actually be surprised at how much more you are able to accomplish each week by adding college coursework to your “to-do” list. If you keep telling yourself that you can successfully handle all of your responsibilities, you will!

I deserve to take care of myself and follow my dreams.

Most adult students who return to college have spent years sacrificing their goals and dreams in order to help others. Some have worked full-time for years to contribute to the household income. If you’ve postponed achieving your long-term academic goals for similar reasons, tell yourself that you are worthy and deserving of taking the time and focus to accomplish this important goal for yourself. Earning your college degree will provide you with a valuable tool that can help you accomplish even greater goals in the future.


Your thoughts are powerful. If you focus your thoughts on the moment – on what you need to do today to get you one step closer to where you want to be tomorrow – your positive thoughts will help you to follow through with your goals and succeed in college and in life.



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