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Although in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter whether you opt to earn your bachelor’s or master’s degree online or on a college campus in the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom setting, both options offer their own list of benefits. Here are three reasons why many prefer to obtain their degree on campus instead of online.

1. Networking was never so easy.

Sure, in less than an hour you can have hundreds of new professional connections on your LinkedIn profile, but that is not networking in its truest, most-authentic form. When you attend classes on campus, however, you are given the unique opportunity of seeing, hearing, and meeting your instructors and peers in person. You can listen to their responses during class discussions, you get to witness their work ethic and how they present themselves firsthand, and you are able to chat with them after class over a cup of Joe. Further, the physical classroom environment enables you to show your best self to potential new friends, colleagues, bosses, and instructors. They will see how well prepared you are for class, how you are always on time, how your input in discussions is always enlightening, and how you excel in groups. You will be networking naturally.

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2. You will feel like a real college student!

Physically spending time on a college campus instantly makes you feel like the college student that you have (finally) become. Whether you have two classes on the same day, or you return to campus a couple times a week, the extra time you leave yourself to explore the campus between courses will give you the opportunity to embrace all that the in-person environment has to offer. While completing assignments and posting discussions online will also move you one step closer to achieving your academic goal, it’s only by physically being on the college campus a few times a week (versus at home in your PJs) that you’ll get that full college experience!

3. You will have access to the perfect environment in which to study.

Of course, you can set aside a desk, your dining room table, or even a whole office space at your home to work on your assignments for your online college courses. If you live with others, however, the chance of being interrupted during your homework (about something other than your homework) is pretty high. Studying on campus, however, enables you to have immediate and instant access to and help from other students, instructors, and resources that you would not have at home. Whether you opt to read your materials on one of the many beautifully-landscaped lawn areas, in a classroom, or in one of the countless spots on campus, you’ll find your favorite places to hang out and study in no time! It’s super easy and convenient to submerge yourself in the college atmosphere by attending your scheduled class and then spending a few hours on campus getting all of your assignments done before you head home – keeping your family life and your academic life completely separate so that you can devote your full time and attention to each.

There is nothing like going to college and actually GOING to college!

For some adult college students, making the decision whether to earn a degree online or on a college campus is an easy one. If you’re vacillating, however, and can’t decide, visit an Averett campus for an afternoon. Explore the different buildings. Talk to students. Have lunch on campus. If you have the time and opportunity to attend college and earn your degree on campus, embrace it. It’s a wonderful world within a world of its own. There is nothing like going to college and actually going to college!

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