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What is your motivation for obtaining your degree?

My motivation is multi-faceted. First, by obtaining my degree I am finishing something I started back in the 90’s after several changes of major. It’s a personal goal to complete the degree. Second, by majoring in business administration, I am learning a side of business that was once partly conjecture. I could talk about certain aspects such as management, ethics, and accounting, but I found it challenging to assess since I had not learned the foundations. By obtaining the degree I am placing myself in a position to grow professionally.  Lastly, my stretch goal is to potentially start my own business or purchase an existing business. Having not just a degree in business administration, but also the knowledge to apply the foundational principals is paramount to starting and/or maintaining any business. I’m able to flush out ideas as I progress through the curriculum.

Why did you choose Averett’s Graduate & Professional Studies Program?                                   

A work colleague introduced me to the GPS program. She is very successful in her role and had nothing but positive remarks about the program, school, and instructors. A third of the way in and I have those same wonderful remarks! Averett is affordable, and even though I was once against online learning, I have actually adapted to the process and find it very convenient.

Please share one tip for your fellow classmates and future AU students:

I work 40-50 hours per week, work out 8-10 hours per week, and study roughly 15 hours per week. One could say I’m pretty busy. The BBA program is a rolling, nonstop program so I prepared my year by not scheduling major events for 2017. Instead, I scaled back and allowed myself to sacrifice (it’s important to rationalize this with yourself early to set personal expectations; reducing stress and potential let-downs) some of the things (including my passion for triathlon and travelling/racing) I can do without for a year. Lastly, I aligned my work vacation to match the weeks off from school. This way I can totally disconnect from both work and school. Let’s face it, we all need to disconnect at times. The year is flying by and one year in the grand scheme of things is very short. I set tangible short-term goals for myself knowing that the light at the end of the tunnel will begin to brighten half way through the year. I try not to think farther ahead than the current class, except in the cases of setting longer term goals, keeping those also to a minimum.

What helps to keep you motivated while you are in the program?

From the beginning, I level set with myself to understand the reasons why I decided to start the program, going back to the key motivators. I engaged all my friends and family to let them know what I’m attempting. This translated to more supportive viewpoints and less opportunity for major distractions from my school work. Everyone understood that I may be less involved during 2017. No big deal. I love endurance sport and the very nature of it requires both short-term and long-term drivers. I parallel those with my school, professional, and personal goals.

What is your anticipated Date of Graduation?

Averett University, Class of 2018!

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