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Averett University was the best choice for me in my educational journey. From day one when the paperwork seems like it will inundate you until you walk across that stage on commencement day, there was always someone there to assist you. There was someone letting me know what else was missing from my application packet. The financial aid office also let me know what was missing with my FAFSA.

Once I was admitted to the college, all incoming students were invited to do a conference call and introduce ourselves. This was new to me as I had been out of school for over 20 years. I discovered then that there was someone in my class that I knew and I no longer felt so alone. The President even got involved with the Cougar Catch-Up Calls. She reached out to the students and asked what the school was doing right and if there was any changes that we felt needed to be addressed. She was open to ideas and feedback from the students.

The Student Spotlight makes you feel welcomed and supported by the school. I want to thank Melissa Anderson and all the faculty and staff of Averett University for making this journey seem like a walk in the park with your best friend.


  1. My main motivation for obtaining my degree was self-satisfaction. It was something I always wanted to do but kept pushing to the back burner as my family started to grow.
  2. This graduation means the world to me. I have had some obstacles in my path during the last two+ years. I have been able to overcome them and still persevere.
  3. My Averett experience was phenomenal! From day one when I applied to graduation day, there has always been someone there either guiding, supporting/encouraging, and finally congratulating you. The feeling here is like that of a family. If you have a concern you reach out to someone and they will offer you options. You are never left to feel like you are alone in this journey. The President has her Cougar Catch-Up Calls and that is a wonderful way for her to reach out to her students and ask, “How can I help YOU succeed? What is working for you and what is not?” The school has a genuine interest in their students. I felt a sense of inclusion here.
  4. I know that with my new MBA my future looks brighter. I am able to market myself better. So far, I have been invited to serve on a search committee at my job and also have been nominated to serve a committee with VACRAO (VA Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers). I should know if I was selected by next week. I am excited and anxious at what other opportunities may arise.


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