Tethena Moore

We recently asked Tethena what is motivating her to earn her Criminal Justice degree. She writes, “My motivation for getting my degree is my mother. Thirteen years ago I attended NCA & TSU. I was in my final year when I was blessed with twins. I had to take time off to become a mother. In the meantime, my mother enrolled in Averett’s Graduate & Professional Studies Program after the financial crisis. In May 2016, she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and is now continuing her graduate studies in this same program. She is 52 years old. I thought to myself, if she can do it at 52, what am I waiting on?” 

We asked Tethena why she chose Averett’s GPS Program, and she writes, “I chose Averett’s GPS Program because it is convenient for my life style. I am a working student with a family. It is easier for me to continue working full-time, be a mother and a partner, while I pursue my studies.”

We asked Tethena to share some tips with her fellow and future Averett classmates… “Some tips that have been helpful for me in this program are making sure that I read the syllabus thoroughly, read all text as instructed in Moodle, and complete assignments on time.”

Lastly, we asked Tethena to share what keeps her motivated while in the Criminal Justice program. She writes, “My motivation is my children and the fact that I will be able to obtain a job in a field I have a passion for. My children look to me as an example. When I complete my class, they always ask “Mom, what’s your grade?”

Tethena, thank you so much for sharing your Averett Experience! You and your Mom are both setting amazing examples for your children, and we are incredibly honored and proud to call you both #AverettFamily! Congratulations on your success, and we can’t wait to celebrate your BIG Day in 2018!