April Rigney

We are so excited to showcase April today as part of our #‎StudentSpotlight series!

We recently asked April what is motivating her to earn her degree. She writes, “My motivation for obtaining my degree is to have the sense of accomplishment and to know that with my degree I will have so many more opportunities for the future as well as for my career. I don’t just want a job; I want a career!”

We asked April to share why she chose Averett University’s Graduate & Professional Studies program, and she writes, “I chose Averett’s GPS Program because I am unable to attend classes on campus due to my work schedule. Because of the GPS Program being online, I can work on my classes early in the morning, late at night or even on the weekend. I have even taken my computer and worked on my classes while on vacation. It is flexible, so that I can achieve my goals on my time.”

We asked April to share one tip with her fellow and future classmates. She writes, “I have to share two tips, which are, do not procrastinate and use a planner. I am super organized and feel that this helps me to move from week to week more easily and when I feel over whelmed, I can look in my planner and see how I can get my assignments done one at a time.”

We asked April to share what keeps her motivated while in the BBA program, and she writes, “Honestly, what keeps me motivated in the program is the fact that I will be one of the only people in my family with a degree. My mother, father and grandmother will be so happy for me and I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they get to see me receive my degree. It will be very special for me but even more for them.”

April, thank you so much for sharing your Averett Experience! We are incredibly honored to have you here as a member of the #‎AverettFamily, and so very proud of you for taking on this important journey! Thank you for choosing Averett! We look forward to celebrating your graduation with you next May!


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