Adrienne Bracy online Master of Education

We recently asked Adrienne Bracy what is motivating her to earn her M.Ed. She writes, “My motivation for obtaining my degree is more than just one thing. As a teacher, I believe we should be life long learners. I was in the habit of taking a class here and there but with no real feeling of advancement. It was finally time for me to invest in myself and return to school and obtain my master’s degree.”

We asked Adrienne why she chose Averett University’s GPS Program, and she writes, “The reason I choose Averett’s GPS Program was because of Andrea Levengood and one of my co-workers. I was very apprehensive about returning to school full time with my numerous adult responsibilities. Anxiety set in when it was recommended that I attend school online. I meet with Andrea and she held my hand. She helped me to get acclimated to the new system.”

We asked Adrienne to share one tip with her fellow and future classmates… “Do not be afraid to be yourself and be honest. In my cohort, we are small family. I never would have fathomed that you can bond with people that you may never meet. I am getting to know new people, and learn new things. I was hesitate about entering school again after 15 years, but very soon it was revealed to me, that I was not in this situation alone.”

Lastly, we asked Adrienne what keeps her motivated while in the M.Ed. Program… “What helps me stay motivated? EVERYONE!!! On the onset, I thought it best to keep it a secret that I was attending school. But, now that they know, they are my cheerleaders. I let everyone know, “Sorry, I can not do that. I am in school!”

Adrienne will graduate in December 2017, and she writes, “It is so far away, yet right around the corner!!! I can’t wait!”

Adrienne, we LOVE your AU Spirit, and your advice for your classmates ~ “Do not be afraid to be yourself…” We are so grateful for you!

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