Nicholas Smith online MBA student

We recently asked Nicholas what is motivating him to earn his MBA, and he writes, “I have two huge motivations for obtaining my degree. The first reason being I wanted to be able to find a great career and be able to move up the ladder of experience and leadership and this was just one hurdle I needed to overcome.

The second reason was for my children. Starting college later in life, being married, having children, and working full time is a lot on anyone’s plate. But I wanted to be able to show my family that anything is possible as long as you take the initiative and try.”

We asked Nicholas why he chose Averett’s GPS Program, and he writes, “I chose Averett because it offered a program I wanted and a schedule I could maintain. Attending class once a week on the same day for the entire length of the program was excellent. I could plan work and family around a single day that would always stay the same.”

We asked Nicholas to share one tip with his fellow and future classmates, and he writes, “Never give up! Sometimes you feel like life is dragging you down and you have no desire to finish school. It feels like more of a hassle than anything else on an already jammed packed schedule. Just remember why you set out in the first place to earn your degree and keep that motivation and the end goals in sight.”

Lastly, we asked him to share what keeps him motivated while in the MBA Program. He writes, “The satisfaction of earning my Master’s has kept me motivated through the entire program, but also, knowing that once completed, my options for career changes were limitless.”

Nicholas, thank you so much for your awesome advice and testimony! And, thank you for your support of our program as an MBA student, our Tidewater Campuses, and your fellow students. You are amazing, and we are so thankful to have you as a member of the #AverettFamily! We look forward to celebrating graduation with you in December!

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