Mindi works in the Education Office at the Newport News Shipbuilding, and has played a pivotal role in the success of our ‪#‎AverettFamily‬ members who work there with her. They have experienced challenges this year regarding their funding due to budget cuts and layoffs, and Mindi has been an amazing source of support for her fellow Averett students, and for the staff here at AU, as she has assisted us in navigating new information and policies related to education funding in her organization. 

In addition to the important part she has played in the lives of her fellow colleagues and classmates, she is also an amazing student here at Averett!

We recently asked Mindi what is motivating her to earn her BBA degree, and she writes, “My motivation is all personal fulfillment; the thought of setting a positive example for my children and building a future for my family. At this point in life, I felt obtaining my degree was a dream beyond my reach until my co-workers talked to me about their experience with Averett and the GPS Program.”

We asked Mindi why she chose the AU GPS Program, and she writes, “The GPS Program allows me to attend class in a traditional setting and the schedule and workload are ideal. I attend class one night a week which allows me time to spend with my family as well as setting aside time for homework.”

We asked Mindi to share one tip with fellow and future AU students… “Follow your dreams and always believe in yourself. We can accomplish far more than we believe we are capable. Finally, NEVER give up.”

Finally, we asked Mindi what keeps her motivated while in the BBA program, and she writes, “The reward of personal gratification and my family are what keep me motivated. When I reach a “bump in the road” and life happens I recall my favorite poem, Footprints in the Sand… “It was then that I carried you.” And he certainly has…”

Mindi, we are truly honored that you have chosen Averett for this important journey, and we are deeply grateful to you for your support of our program, and for your support of your fellow classmates there at the NN Shipbuilding. You are truly an inspiration to us, and we are so very excited to celebrate your graduation with you next month! Thank you for believing in us, your classmates, and most importantly, yourself! Congratulations to you; we are so proud!

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