Jennifer G

We recently asked Jennifer what is motivating her to earn her M.Ed. and she writes, “The main motivation for going back to school is so that I can have more doors open up for me professionally. While I have always enjoyed being in the classroom with my students, I have always thought I had more to offer the education system. I felt like I could create a greater impact on more students if I honed my leadership skills. Working on a master’s in administration and supervision fit the bill.”

We asked Jennifer why she chose Averett’s Graduate & Professional Studies Program, and she writes, “The reason I selected Averett’s GPS program over all others is for ease of access. I live in a rural area so even attending classes at the higher education center two nights a week seems overwhelming after finishing a full day at school only to have to meet for graduate classes and not get home until very late in the evening. With Averett’s program, I have the flexibility to work on assignments on my time. I have been very pleased with the rigor and the platform.”

We asked Jennifer to share a few tips with fellow and future classmates…”The best tip I can give to fellow classmates about the GPS program is just to remember to utilize the discussion boards. I have learned so much from all of the others that are taking the classes with me. Their experiences have helped to broaden my knowledge and skill set.”

Lastly, we asked Jennifer what keeps her motivated while in the M.Ed. program. She writes, “I have found that is because of the professionalism of the instructors, the in-depth conversations with my peers and the ease of access that keeps me motivated in the program.”

Jennifer, thank you for sharing your story, your insight, and your tips for your classmates. We are so grateful to have you as a student here at Averett, and proud of what you have accomplished and will accomplish in this program and beyond! It is an honor to have you here with the‪#‎AverettFamily‬. We look forward to celebrating your Graduation in 2017!

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