Robert Hicks

We recently asked Robert what is motivating him to earn his degree. He writes, “My motivation for obtaining my degree is the fact that I don’t want anything to be able to hinder me from any promotion or career move that I choose to pursue in the future. Everyone knows that in order to compete for advancements and promotions, higher education is a must.”

We asked Robert why he chose Averett’s GPS Program. “My motivation for choosing the Averett GPS program was how much my co-workers spoke highly of their programs and enjoyed their experience obtaining their degrees at Averett. The professors are consistent in showing that their mission is every students success. Also I feel like their Business program had everything that I was looking for and suited my needs the best.”

We asked Robert to share a tip with his fellow and future classmates and he writes, “One tip that I would like to share with my fellow classmates or future Averett University students would be to always take the time to savor each moment of their lives. In life’s journey always make time for yourself and enjoy the true treasures in life being family, friends, and opportunities to help people along the way.”

Lastly, we asked Robert what keeps him motivated while in the program. “My motivation for pushing through this program is the fact that I have done the hardest part in getting started. This is one thing that I need to accomplish in order to reach my full potential in my career as well as my degree being a personal goal. Honestly I really enjoy the challenge.”

Robert, we are so grateful for you, and thank you so much for your wonderful testimony and advice! We are honored that you have chosen Averett for this very important goal of yours, and we applaud you on taking a chance and getting started. We look forward to celebrating graduation with you in 2018!

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