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Be Prepared for What's Next

Most people who think about going back to school know that a bachelor’s or master’s degree can help them advance in their lives and careers. But, life can sometimes get in the way and it’s easy to find excuses to NOT pursue your degree. If you think you have the perfect excuse, think again! We’ve compiled a list of the ones we hear most often. Check to see if your excuse is on the list and see how we respond.

I just got a promotion at work.

Congratulations! That is wonderful news and we are so proud of you! You may be thinking that because of your new responsibilities, you should delay your education. In reality, other people in your shoes have discovered being in a degree program actually helped them become better leaders in their organizations. They took the principles and concepts they learned in the classroom and applied them immediately in their new jobs. This helped them further develop their leadership skills, inspired colleagues to advance their own education and showed their bosses they’re preparing for the next promotion.

Averett University’s degree programs are affordable and flexible, so you can go at whatever pace suits your situation. A dedicated student success coach will be with you every step of the way to help you pursue your educational goals while you shine like a star in your new job. 

I don’t need a bachelor’s or master’s degree for my job or career.

That’s great to hear; we love that you are in a career where your current skills are valued. That confidence may have you questioning the need to get a degree right now, but before you decide, consider that life can change at any second. We can never predict what’s going to happen next in our careers or the economy. There’s a wonderful peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re prepared in case of a sudden career change. What’s more, education is one of a very short list of things in life that no one can take from you. Many Averett University students found the personal satisfaction and intrinsic value of their education far outweighed their initial uncertainty about needing a degree.

We want you to be your best now and prepare for whatever the future might bring. We designed our degree programs to give you that flexibility. We offer career services to all students and alum, meaning if you find yourself in a sudden career change and need help, networking contacts or advice, we’ll be here for you. Once you join the Averett family, you’re always one of us. 

I’m caring for a loved one.

Your loved one is so lucky to have a thoughtful caring person like you. We understand you may feel overwhelmed by these extra responsibilities and want to delay your education. Know that during our 30 years of offering adult degree programs, many students taking care of loved ones have felt this way. However, once enrolled, their fears were quickly relieved. They found our professors are just like them, with loved ones to care for and lives outside the classroom. These students also found that because they gave so much of themselves to their loved ones, they got immeasurable value from school and the time they took to do something for themselves and their future.

We want you to be the best student and caretaker you can be, which is why our flexible and affordable degree programs meet the needs of today’s busy adult learners. Averett University offers multiple options to accelerate or decelerate your degree as needed, and a dedicated student success coach will be there for you every step of the way. We mean it when we say, you’ve got this and we’ve got you.

I’m moving.

We know the pain of moving. If we weren’t so busy helping our students, we’d volunteer to move those boxes right alongside you! We also know the ordeal of moving may have you thinking twice about pursuing a degree. Not to worry. Many students have gone through the same thing while enrolled at Averett University—and they’re glad they did.

You’ll have a few things going for you at Averett. First, we designed our flexible, affordable degree programs especially for busy adults who have a lot going on in their lives, and you’ll have multiple ways to adjust your degree program based on current circumstances. Second, you’ll have a dedicated student success coach to help you navigate the ups and downs of school, moving and transitioning to a new home. Finally, once you enroll at Averett University, you’ll always be part of our family, no matter where you are. We offer career services to all students and alum, so if you ever need help, networking contacts or advice, we’ll be here for you.

The school is not in a convenient location.

Not to fear! Many years ago, Averett University caught the “online bug” and now offers all of our degree programs online. With more than 20 undergraduate and graduate degree options in business, data analytics, education, criminal justice and more, we have something for just about everyone. What’s more, we offer the best of both worlds! We have campus locations and staff throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, so you can conveniently complete your degree online and come to a campus location to meet with our staff if you need us. If you are not in Virginia or near a campus, we offer advising, tutoring, career services and financial coaching via video conference, so we can meet whenever it works for you. Every aspect of our degree programs is designed for busy adult learners. No matter where you’re located, we’re here for you.

I don’t want any student loans or debt.

We know the initial investment in your education may seem scary. We’ve all had that feeling at one time or another about money. The good news here is that most Averett University students find their investments in a bachelor’s or master’s degree to be worth it for a variety of reasons. Many have been offered opportunities to advance in their careers and increase their income. They became positive role models for their children on the value of a good education. Some even inspired their friends and family members to pursue their degrees after years away from school. Without student loans, many students would not be able to achieve these dreams. Think about it this way: it’s like buying a new car, only the value lasts forever. When you finance a new car, it loses value the minute you drive it off the lot. When you finance your education, you invest in yourself, your family, your career and, most important, your future. The value of a degree can increase exponentially through the years, resulting in higher income now and more retirement savings for the future.

When you come to Averett, we want you to be the best student you can be and focus on your studies, which is why we take the guesswork out of applying for financial aid. Our easy, three-step admissions process gives you all the tools you need to apply, and our financial aid team hosts group and individual information sessions each week to answer all your questions. We make it easy to invest in your future and in yourself.

I’m traveling out of the country and/or going on vacation.

Oh, how exciting! We love hearing about vacations and professional trips! It’s natural to think you should wait until you get back to start your degree program. Before you put your education on hold, however, you should know that many Averett University students have faced the same decision and were happy they went forward with their studies. They quickly realized that after working with adult learners for more than 30 years, we know how life rolls. Our professors understand you have other obligations and plans, and they’re happy to work with you to ensure you keep up with school and complete your degree on time.

At Averett, we pride ourselves on being flexible. We offer multiple options so you can tailor your educational experience to your life and get help from a dedicated student success coach when you need it.

I’m planning my wedding.

Congratulations! We know this is a special time in your life and you want everything to be perfect. We also know it’s possible to have a dream wedding and pursue the dream of a college degree at the same time. Many of our students planned weddings before and during their time at Averett—and some even met their future spouses here! They’ll tell you that despite their reservations, they were able to pull it off, thanks to a flexible schedule, professors who understand we all have lives outside the classroom, and affordable degree programs that took a little stress off the wedding budget.

We want your wedding day—and your graduation day—to be perfect. We can help you achieve both with options that allow you to accelerate or decelerate your degree as needed. If you’re changing your name, don’t forget to fill out a name change form with our Registrar’s Office after the big day. We want that diploma to be correct!

I have kids in school or college.

We know you want to be a good role model for your children by going back to school. You might think it’s best to wait until they graduate so you can devote more time to them and/or avoid the extra financial burden. You’re not alone. Many parents feel this way, yet those who plunge ahead quickly discover the example they set for their children far outweighed their initial fears. Plus, many found that with a degree, they could advance in their careers sooner, which brought financial benefits to their families.

Averett University’s online degree programs are made for busy adults who want to be their best for their children and themselves. Our flexible, affordable options and financial aid allow you to lay out a path to your degree based on your needs, and a dedicated student success coach will help you stay on course. We can’t wait to see your entire family cheering as you walk across the stage and accept your degree!

I’m buying a house.

Wow, congratulations! Buying a house is the biggest transaction most of us will ever make and we know the financial part can be nerve-wracking. At Averett University, we’ve watched many students buy and sell homes during our 30 years of offering adult degree programs, so we get it. What’s amazing is that most students’ concerns about taking on too many financial obligations quickly dissipated once they talked to our financial aid and student accounts teams. They learned what financial aid options were available at Averett and found solutions that were right for them and their families.

Our goal at Averett University is to put top degree programs within students’ financial reach. That way, when you’re ready to buy a home or undertake another major transaction, you won’t have to choose between that and your education. By the way, after you’re all moved in, send us your new address so we can update our records!

I’m expanding my family.

There’s nothing more thrilling—or overwhelming—than the idea of bringing a child into your family. Believe us, we know. During the 30 years we’ve offered adult degree programs, many of our students have taken this important step in life. Most found it worthwhile to start on their degrees before their little ones arrived so they knew what to expect and could easily incorporate school into their daily routines after becoming a parent. They wanted to set a positive example for their families and couldn’t wait to bring their children to graduation to watch mommy or daddy walk across that stage.

We want you to be the best student and parent you can be, which is why we offer flexible, affordable degree programs. You’ll have options to speed up or slow down your studies to fit what’s happening with your life and family, and a dedicated student success coach to help you maneuver and adapt. We look forward to seeing your little one cheer for you when you accept your degree on the big day!


Even if you’re in a great position at work right now and your career path seems set, things can change in a heartbeat. Be ready with a bachelor’s or master’s degree from Averett University. It’s a decision you’ll never regret.

When I lost all my excuses, I found my results.

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